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Incorporating NFC technology into events allow us to think outside the box and create innovative one-of-a-kind experiences that truly stand out. It’s a powerful tool that can help create better events.

You may not be aware of it, but NFC technology is probably already a part of your daily routine. It’s likely you’ve used it without even realizing it. In recent years, NFC technology has become increasingly popular in a variety of applications, including contactless payments which is the most common use case, access control, and event ticketing.

What is Near-Field Communication (NFC)?

Near-field communication (NFC) is a wireless technology that allows devices such as tablets, smart badge readers, and smartphones to exchange data with another device. They communicate with each other and exchange information when placed in close proximity. Simply put, it’s a contactless technology that will drive your event to succeed.

As a result, when two NFC devices are close together, they detect each other and establish a connection through radio frequency (RF). This allows them to exchange information in a matter of seconds, without needing to be connected to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

What are some common uses for NFC tags in events?

Now that we know what NFC technology is and how it works, let’s look at the most common uses in the events industry.

1. Ticketing & Access Control

NFC tags can be used as digital tickets for events, reducing the need for paper tickets and making the whole check-in process more efficient. 

As a result, it allows attendees to tap their smart badge, wristband, or their smartphone on an NFC reader to enter the event.

It can also be used for access control, where by doing the reading process, the event organizer can understand if the visitor has access to certain sessions.

2. Access Event Information and Schedules

As you’re probably familiar with consulting information via a QR Code, NFC technology allows you to do that too. Because of this, NFC tags can be placed all around the event venue and linked to event information such as maps, FAQs, and schedules.

3. Lead Capture for Data Collection

NFC tags can be used as a lead capture tool with the purpose of collecting attendees’ information, such as their contact information or any additional information they filled in on the registration form. This is of extreme value because it allows exhibitors to follow up with their leads.

Which Problems Can NFC Technology Help Solve in Hybrid or In-person Events?

Overall, NFC technology can solve a lot of problems for both organizers and attendees whether it’s a hybrid or in-person event. Here are some solutions:

  • Simplifies the whole check-in process: As a means to create a smooth check-in process, NFC tags can be used to quickly check in attendees at events, while reducing the need for long queues and paper tickets.
  • Enhances the event experience: It has the power to make the event more engaging and enjoyable for attendees. Therefore, NFC tags can be used to provide additional information and interact with the event. As a result, it will help you create a great event experience
  • Collect data and generate ROI for exhibitors: NFC tags can be used to gather and collect attendees’ contact information, and this technology increases by 40x the probability of qualified interactions between participants and exhibitors, generating more leads that can potentially turn into clients later on.
  • Improved hygiene and safety: Physical contact can be a problem at events because it increases the risks of spreading illness or disease. NFC technology can be a solution because it helps reduce the need for physical contact.

Reasons Why NFC Technology Use Will Grow In The Events Industry

There are many reasons why NFC technology will continue to grow in the events industry. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Convenience & Efficiency

Because of its ease of use and minimal requirements for setup, it’s a convenient option for event organizers.

It also has the ability to streamline various processes at events, such as check-in, ticketing, and access control as you’ve learned before. This makes everything more organized and turns the event into a smooth experience.

2. Flexibility

NFC technology can be used in a variety of formats and it can suit multiple purposes, making it a flexible option for event organizers, where the only limitation is how creative you are. From sharing contacts, revealing interest in products, and consulting multiple sources of information, the sky is the limit.

3. Data Collection

The future of events is hybrid and data-driven and NFC technology can be a super useful tool when it comes to data collection because it allows event organizers to understand their audience and then tailor their events according to attendees’ needs and interests.

4. Reduced Costs

NFC Technology can reduce the costs of events when compared to alternatives such as paper tickets. This isn’t the only benefit of a paperless event because there’s also a greater demand for sustainable options when taking natural resources and the environment into consideration. This makes it more appealing to attendees but also more appealing when it comes to event planning costs for organizers.

5. Networking Potential

NFC Technology has tremendous potential for every type of event where its core is networking because you can replace the old paper business cards with a digital alternative. To exchange contacts, you only need to read the other person’s smart card and you’ll have all the information they decided to share on the device. The key is innovation and as a result, attendees will be much more likely to share their contacts.

Benefits for attendees in live events

As you can see, there are numerous advantages when it comes to using NFC technology for events. We can no longer consider first-class events for those that refuse to use them. But if you’re still not convinced, we’ll show you some attendee benefits that are likely to keep them coming back to your event.

  • Attendees will be happy and comfortable using NFC Technology as it is user-friendly.
  • They will benefit from the streamlined processes such as a smooth check-in without long queues.
  • Attendees can also benefit from different event experiences as they share they interact and share their information in multiple ways.
  • They can easily access digital event information such as event programs from their own smartphone devices.

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As you can see, NFC can be a great asset to create successful events. For this reason, don’t resist technological evolution and start using solutions today that will take your events to the moon!

Talk to us! We’ll show you how to make in-person events more engaging through our NFC contactless solutions.