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Manage my event

Event management

Allow quick and easy verifications

Event access control

Go contactless and get people in quickly with a rapid entry scanning and ticket validation solution. Enjoy live reporting for entrance control, fast-track VIP entry or other on-site sessions you may have.

Keep your event to the limits

Consumption management

Improve decision making through better resource management and track all your event consumption flows with real-time data.

  • Reduce food and drink waste
  • Customize resource limit if requirements change
  • Work on environmental reporting and gain a greener image

We handle all equipment and event consumables for you

QR code technology

Empower attendees to use their own connected devices. While QR codes can easily be printed on event credentials, they’re still a great way to reduce printing costs.

Smart badging

Smart badges are leading the way in contactless technology. This type of wearable technology is perfect for attendance tracking, but also for monitoring attendee’s interactions with the exhibitors.

Mobile devices

Take advantage of our hardware pool and take your mind off your event supplies. All mobile devices can be delivered to your event staff as a pre-configured system.

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