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Event organizers often struggle to prove their event ROI and lead quality, while trying to be compliant with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) legislation. Get to know how lead capture technology can help you collect & report consented lead data by integrating it into a unique platform.

Lead capture technology for live events

Live events offer a unique opportunity to get a face-to-face interaction with your best-fit prospects, and have a one-on-one conversation with them. That’s why businesses worldwide invest a lot on events each year, but unfortunately much of that effort goes to waste, thanks to poor or nonexistent lead capture and follow-up practices. With all the digital tools available nowadays, its crucial to get some return of the valuable experience facilitated by events. That’s the main reason why event lead capture technology exists, since hosting an event just for show it’s no more profitable.

It’s time to put aside the paper forms filled with handwritten scribbles, don’t you think? 

Capture, qualify and integrate in a digital way

Event lead capture technology is a seamless solution that enables event organizers and its exhibitors to capture, qualify, and follow up with leads at all types of trade shows and events. It also allows to access event data, which represent valuable information and insights for organizers, giving them the possibility of holding future editions based on the analytics.

The flexibility can be accomplished through several tech integrations and with a wide variety of onsite lead capture tools that enable to scan both attendees and exhibitors ID solutions. It also provides a consistent way, not only to capture leads, but also to capture consent for further marketing & sales activities.

The beamian solution

The beamian technology is one of the best solutions for those who seek for an interactive lead capture tool, enabling all exhibitors to gather leads into an unique platform. beamian exists to facilitate the experience of organizers, exhibitors and participants, providing all participants with a unique ID card, wristband or any other smart badge capable of sending the message “I want to share my contacts with this company”. As you can see, besides its simplicity, the beamian technology can turn the GDPR legislation into a great opportunity for all event organizers.

Get to know more deeply how all this is happening and the different ways to collect leads both safely and successfully at your next event within the beamian platform.

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