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Why offering contactless solutions for your event might be a success factor

Event profs have been using increasing amounts of new technology to get more out of trade shows and gather safe and legally compliant event data. The contactless way is one of the most promising to do so, because it also gives attendees the chance to share their contacts with fast connectivity. All it requires is that attendees are digitally identified through smart badge or QR code technology, and that exhibitors have lead retrieval scanners to collect real-time interactions. Speaking of which, stay abreast of the 5 reasons why your event needs new lead capture tactics.

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What contactless can give you besides a “swipe it for payment”?

  • Speeds up event check-in processes (learn more about contactless event check-in and capacity control);
  • Accelerates on-site registration processes;
  • Shortens every entry lines with access control;
  • Improves control over total site and per-session capacity;
  • Collects attendee data and qualified leads efficiently;
  • Allows to use “touchless” as a security factor for your event;
  • Leads your event to the forefront of innovation;
  • Increase your attendees’ buy-in to come back next time.

Essential contactless tools for events

The right event management platform has to provide you with contactless technology so that you can offer an unparalleled event experience to everyone. Depending on your event goals, different contactless solutions are available for in-person events, most of which can be quickly adapted to contact wirelessly to an electronic reader by just placing a simple NFC tag.

To identify attendees, exhibitors, sponsors or speakers: 

To identify exhibitors:

It’s time to think outside the box and learn new ways of driving demand, creating confidence, and growing business. So, either to improve event sales, bring people together safely or to make your attendees feel that your event embraces the latest technology trends, contactless solutions are definitely the way forward. 

Is contact sharing a key indicator of your event’s success?

Contactless technology will instantly capture data from smart badges, generate qualified leads and activate a pipeline within the event app for real-time follow-up. Say goodbye to scrub spreadsheets!

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Isn’t networking the focus of your event?

Go contactless anyway and get into the world of accelerated event management and automation-centered event planning. You’d be surprised how much time you’d gain if you took it out of your manual processes.

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