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As an event exhibitor, one of the main goals of participating in an event is to collect leads and turn them into customers. However, manually collecting and tracking leads can be time-consuming and thus inefficient. That’s where a lead retrieval app comes in.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of using a lead retrieval app for event exhibitors and how it can help you streamline your data collection, improve follow-up, enhance analytics, increase ROI with event technology, and create an overall better event experience.

How Does a Lead Retrieval App Work?

A lead retrieval app incredibly useful tool because it enables event exhibitors to simply gather and track leads during events. It operates by reading participants’ smart badges or QR codes to read their contact information.

Exhibitors can then follow up with all of the possible clients or job candidates they spoke to or interacted with at the event by keeping a record of the profiles.

As a result, this not only saves time and work but also enables exhibitors to maximize the possibility of interactions, ensuring the success of your event through contactless solutions.

Additionally, exhibitors can use analytics to spot trends in their leads and monitor the performance of their exhibits in real time. This provides the capacity to evaluate and improve in the future.

How Can Lead Retrieval Apps Benefit Exhibitors?

As we said previously, lead retrieval apps can be a valuable tool for exhibitors at events because they allow exhibitors to quickly and efficiently collect and manage leads.

Moreover, the result is saving time and hassle, as exhibitors can use the app to scan QR codes or smart badges and automatically capture their contact information.

In addition, some lead retrieval apps offer additional features, such as tracking interactions with leads, sending follow-up emails, direct messaging, or scheduling meetings, helping exhibitors stay organized and ensure they follow up with all the leads on time.

Overall, lead retrieval apps, with lead capture tactics, can help exhibitors make the most of their events by streamlining the lead collection process and assisting them with efficient organization and being on top of their leads.

Can a lead retrieval app also benefit event organizers?

In addition to assisting exhibitors to collect and manage leads, lead retrieval apps can also provide valuable data and insights for event organizers. Data also gives the ability to explore crucial KPIs to measure your event’s success.

Lead retrieval apps allow event organizers to track which exhibitors are getting the most leads, which can help them understand which exhibitors are most successful at generating interest and engagement.

As a result, this information can be useful for future event planning and assisting exhibitors to understand what works and what doesn’t.

Additionally, they can also help event organizers understand more about the overall attendee experience, as they can track which attendees are visiting which exhibitors and for how long.

This can help understand what type of exhibits and activities are most popular and how attendees are interacting with different parts of the event.

In general, lead retrieval apps can provide valuable data and insights for event organizers, helping them to better understand the success of their events and identify areas for improvement.

Using a Lead Retrieval App in Hybrid & In-person Events

In in-person events, exhibitors use the lead retrieval app by scanning a QR code or a smart badge of an attendee using another device. This process captures the prospect’s contact information.

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In event hybrid events, the lead retrieval app can be used in the same way as it would be at an in-person event. However, on the virtual setting side, the event app itself needs to have the capability to collect leads generated through multiple interactions.

This can include a simple click to share a candidate’s cv or reveal interest in a product via virtual product showcasing.

As for the data tracking in both in-person and hybrid events, the lead retrieval app can be used to analyze the data collected on the leads generated by exhibitors just with one click that generates a report ready to follow up with the most promising leads.

5 Key Features to Look For in a Lead Retrieval Event Apps

Are you considering using a lead retrieval app system at your next in-person or hybrid event? If so, there are a few key features you’ll want to consider to make sure you find the right one that fits your need.

  1. Multiple device compatibility: Compatibility with a range of devices, including smartphones and tablets.
  2. Customization: allow the customization of data fields and lead capture forms to the specific needs.
  3. Easy to use: have a user-friendly interface that allows seamless data collection while tracking leads.
  4. Follow-up tools: for hybrid events, the app should allow exhibitors to follow up with the collected leads through chats, meetings, and emails.
  5. Support: the app should provide support and training resources to assist exhibitors in getting started and addressing any issues that may arise.

The right retrieval app can make all the difference in helping exhibitors achieve success at your event. So why wait? Start using the right lead retrieval app today and watch your exhibitors’ ROI soar!

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