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Event check-in

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Electronic event check-in

  • Enter a contactless world powered by ID technology
  • Check-in attendees under 5 seconds per person
  • Streamline access control to all event sessions
  • Perform on-site registration during the D-day
  • Enjoy real-time data and dashboard reports

You choose the check-in event technology


We secure the right check-in hardware

From 10 people to 10 million, beamian can handle your entire check-in flow and equipment

Frequently asked questions

How do smart badges speed up check-in and access control?

It takes only 1sec to read a smart badge, and using it facilitates all interactions and processes from then on. If you have an electronic check-in in place (already with registered attendees), smart badges will greatly speed up your entire event flow. Integrated into a well-planned process, smart badge technology can completely evaporate check-in and access control processes.

Should event badges be printed on-site or in advance?

Pre-printing isn’t recommended because besides being very time-consuming, it becomes a manual process and leads to confusion. Therefore, event badges should be printed on-site because there are fewer glitches and it speeds up the check-in process (as long as technical conditions are met).

Can smart badges be counterfeited?

Technically it’s not possible to copy a smart badge chip itself (it’s the same chip that is used in bank cards, which are highly reliable). However, an attendee can perfectly well grab his badge and give it to someone else. As viable solutions, there are the use of headshots on the badge, tamper-proof wristbands, and two-factor authentication.

What material should I choose for my event badges?

Choosing the material for your event badges should depend strongly on the duration of the event. If we’re talking about a multi-day event, your badges should be laminated for durability. Among the most common choices are paper and PVC, which can also be recyclable and/or biodegradable.

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