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Manage my event

Digital events solution

Tailor the event platform to your brand

Event web page

Leave your remote audience blown away. Create a fully branded event page, promote it, sell tickets and reach out to everyone who might be interested in your event schedule. Set up your entire registration flow with us, or seamlessly integrate your registration forms.

Engage your remote attendees

Virtual platform features

Encourage virtual engagement with highly interactive networking tools.

  • Benefit from authenticated event access
  • Allow attendees to connect via video conferencing or live chat
  • Extend your reach through live streaming or video embedding
  • Monitor interaction data, such as shared contacts or product preferences
Drive more traffic to exhibitors

Product showcasing

Give your exhibitors a double chance to hit the ground running through virtual booths. Boost revenue for exhibiting companies with high-traffic, customizable booths within your event platform. All product interaction data is exportable, ready-to-use and allows for easy integration with CRM softwares.

An online event platform with endless potential

Mobile event app

Offer always-on engagement to your attendees, connecting them to exhibitors, other attendees and virtual booths. Allow them to easily manage their schedules and keep up to date.

HD live streaming solution

Broadcast your event to unlimited viewers like a pro. Set up a public or private live streaming, or choose to embed external video streams.

Job board for career fairs

Looking for an event platform that speaks the language of your job fairs?

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Keep track of everything in the back-office

Add as many event managers as you like

Don’t take everything on your back, get the opportunity to delegate attendee management tasks to your event team.

Manage consumption limits and access control

  • You decide who has access to each event session
  • You define how many consumables you want to give by ticket type
  • You can change your mind and adjust the limits whenever you want
  • You follow what’s happening through a live dashboard

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