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Lead capture tool for events

Transform event interactions into pipeline and revenue

Improve data collection by capturing live interactions with contactless technology. Track your impact and make more money for exhibitors by collecting only qualified leads.

Easy ways your exhibitors can collect event leads

Entry solution

QR code scanning

QR codes are always an easy and cost-effective way to generate leads at events. Either visitors read the QR Code available at the exhibitor’s booth, or the exhibitor reads the QR Code available on visitors’ badge.

Premium solution

Smart badging

Contact sharing happens each time visitors tap with their smart badges on the exhibitor’s beamer. Interaction data is loaded instantly into the event platform, being at the disposal of both parties.

Always-on solution

In-app networking

What gives way to networking is the attendees’ digital interaction with exhibitors or their offerings via the event platform.

A unique lead capture solution that syncs three powerful tools to create a connected event ecosystem

Digitalize your event interactions with a portable trade show lead capture tool that really makes lead retrieval easier.

Wondering what a beamer is?

A beamer is an ID tech device that acts as a unique identifier for exhibiting brands at events. It allows easy data collection of attendees who have decided to bring their smart badge closer, instantly sharing their contacts.

Play Video Watch beamers in action

Upgrade your traditional badges with RFID technology and identify attendees with a unique chip that makes contact sharing faster and networking more efficient.

RFID technology in the lead

  • Let your attendees interact with exhibiting companies in a paperless, contactless way
  • Promote higher engagement levels and boost attendee experience through an interactive lead capture solution
  • Protect yourself against counterfeiting and stop your accreditation badges from being forged with unique event credentials

Display all your live interactions in real time through a networking-oriented event app, available for both exhibitors and visitors.

Driving audience interaction

  • Let your exhibitors have access to real-time audience engagement information
  • Allow them to make notes about specific contacts, regarding which products or services attendees are most interested in, or how they’ d like to be contacted
  • Give them the possibility to mark favorites and manage qualified leads or business contacts in a seriously organized way

Ease event management with ID technology

  • Leverage ID technology to digitally identify attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, and speakers
  • Switch to contactless and give exhibiting companies the ability to track attendee engagement in real-time
  • Boost contact sharing and qualified leads 40x more
  • Unlock faster check-ins, occupancy tracking, consumption management and access control further with more efficiency

Increase speed to qualified leads with event technology

A solution designed for exhibitors

Do you exhibit at events and trade shows?

Get 40x more qualified leads and increase your exhibit ROI with new revenue streams.

Amazing and useful application of NFC technology to an event environment! You simply have to tap the -M-box with a simple badge and all the information is delivered directly to your phone.

Richard ClemmerCEO at NXP Semiconductors

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