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ID technology for events

Unique ways to make your events contactless with ID technology

Switch to smart wearable badges and allow attendees to connect with exhibitors with a simple badge swipe.

Smart badge contactless technology

Smart badges are nothing more than an upgrade of traditional badges that relies on a small, contactless chip. They are a great fit for conferences and trade shows where visible identification of participants is a primary requirement.

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Take advantage of RFID wristband technology to fast-track access control, mitigate counterfeiting, reduce wait times, and increase the security of your events.

Customizable contactless wristbands

Ideal for high-traffic and multi-day events, smart wristbands also benefit from contactless technology and don’t require printing materials. Where there’s a chip, there’s greater speed and security. They are also more difficult to lose or pass on to someone else.

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As sustainability in events is evolving from a “nice-to-have” to a “must-have” kind of adoption, eco-wristbands can really save your event’s environmental footprint.

Eco-friendly wristbands

Going green has never been easier. While meeting the exact same needs as non-ecological options, eco wristbands also make sustainability a priority. As your event gets bigger, their useful effect widens.

ID technology really has a huge potential for application. The smart wine glass was one of beamian’s first technological solutions, designed to revolutionize the wine tasting market.

A beamian solution

Revolutionizing wine tastings with smart wine glasses

The smart wine glass has a built-in chip with portable memory that is capable of recording wine information at tasting events. When visitors want to select a wine to remember later all they need to do is tap their glass, thus adding that wine to a list of favorites.

Event engagement made easy with a small chip that always fits

Track movement, encourage attendee interaction and boost exhibitor traffic through RFID-enabled badges that activate different experiences throughout exhibit booths.

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Harness the power of smart badge technology

  • Encourage networking and get 98% of your event attendees interacting with exhibitors
  • Enjoy plug-and-play security and greater speed in contact sharing
  • Easily perform attendance tracking, such as measuring how long participants stay in a given session
  • Create hassle-free event processes and put an end to long queues once and for all

Want an alternative to smart badging?

Stick to the basics and easily identify your event people with QR codes

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Looking to accelerate the ROI you promised to exhibitors?

Outfit your attendees with smart badges and allow exhibitors to collect business cards super efficiently.

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