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Trade show product showcase

Drive Exhibitors Engagement

Lift your exhibitors' ROI with virtual trade show booths that meet the modern customer expectations by providing a completely omni-channel experience.

Product showcase for exhibitors

  • Set the number of displayed and featured products per exhibitor tier
  • Make it easy to search for products by association to different categories
  • Allow attendees to create a favourites list and ask for specific product information
  • Allow exhibitors to export all interaction data about their products
  • Give exhibitors a hand in product-level profiling by delivering insights on trends and preferences

Boost exhibitor ROI with high-traffic virtual exhibition booths

Private areas for all

Visitors and companies can upload and manage their data, while organizers can easily handle all attendee management.

Custom forms

Autonomously build and manage your event web page and registration forms from scratch.

Exhibition halls

Grab attendees’ attention with highly interactive exhibit halls that allow you to highlight premium sponsors.

Virtual stands

Enjoy fully customizable, mobile-first virtual booths and get your attendees in the mood to interact like never before.

Networking tools

Give attendees the opportunity to connect and engage with other peers and exhibitors via chat or video.

Dashboard reporting

Track the digital impact of your event through reports that mirror the performance indicators that matter most to you.

Increase your event revenues too

Get your event up and running with a robust trade show product display

Wow your exhibitors as they connect with potential buyers and get exposure to their products and offers online, enabling immediate interaction.

The beamian platform features are immense and include the creation of a marketplace, the complete migration to contactless events, qualification and conversion tools for successful events.

Carla MaiaMarketing Director at Exponor

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