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About beamian

We are a global event tech provider that leverages technology to always deliver a digital ecosystem to any event you can imagine.


more event interactions


engaged attendees

How we build up a digital events ecosystem?

Unique hardware

We go way beyond QR technology. We boost the effectiveness of contact sharing at events through a unique lead capture tool.

Fancy software

We power up our event platform with the data collected by the hardware. All data sync happens in real time!

First-class customer support

By offering remote or in-person support in all time zones, we simply don’t do what we really can’t for our customers.

Trusted by

400+ event planners 20K+ exhibitors 15M+ attendees

Build your digital engagement ecosystem

With beamian

Meet the team  

We are a team of hands-on people based in the sunny Lisbon. We help the most ambitious event planners maximize their events through digitalization.

Marina's dedication was tireless. Companies are, above all and beyond their products and services, made of people for people.

Alexandra DavidVice President at ESCS

Sérgio Pinto


Sérgio Alves



Customer Success


International Sales


Customer Marketing


Digital Events


Back End Dev


Full Stack Dev


Virtual Sales Assistant

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