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We can assume that decision making in everything that is part of business today is aided by data collection and data analysis. With this in mind, the right way to replicate this for the events industry, is with id technology through contactless solutions. This is the only way we can understand visitor behavior at events and track the progress in order to reach the crucial KPIs that measure event success.

In this article, we’ll explain the importance of ID technology for events and why we recommend that you transition to contactless solutions, while introducing you to the solutions available. Finally, we’ll share our opinion on the use of QR Codes, this is, whether we still think it is a good alternative.

Why Should You Switch To ID Technology To Boost Your Events

As we have already said, the identification technology for events allows us to understand the behaviors of a certain visitor over the course of the event. You can already see the endless possibilities this can offer you, right? Don’t worry! If you still can’t, let us explain.

Let’s start from the beginning… First of all, you won’t be relying on papers and pens to check participant registration and do check-ins at the event. ID technology allows all of this to be done automatically with a simple swipe or scan, through contactless solutions. You might want to check event registration & check-in – ideas to delight attendees.

Second, imagine you’re organizing a trade show where there are exhibitors demonstrating products. Not only can you identify participants and exhibitors, but also the products, where visitors can interact, revealing their interest in them.

Now you ask, what can exhibitors do with all this information? Well, that’s easy! They’ll able to make strategic decisions on which products are working best for their company portfolio.

In the case of job fairs, it allows you to gather all the necessary information that is normally asked from candidates and any extra you want to, through customizable forms. Not only will you provide an innovative way to collect applications for your exhibitors, but you’ll also have access to exactly the information you want to provide by creating mandatory fields.

ID Technology Solutions To Make Your Event Contactless

Let’s now look at the solutions that are on the market so that you can enhance the experience of all the attendees at your events through contactless solutions and that are likely to give you a higher ROI.

Event QR Codes

QR Codes are the cheapest and most common solution. They allow a multitude of actions, such as a redirection after reading them to the event page, to the event calendar and many others. QR Codes fit perfectly on a flyers, posters. It also allows the identification of the participants for the check-in process.

Event Smart Badges

Smart badges depend on NFC technology and they allow for easy tracking of attendee behavior and interactions, providing valuable data for event organizers. They can also be used for networking and lead generation, allowing attendees to easily exchange contact information.

They are best suited for events where you may need a visual identification, for example, the name and companies of the participants. 

Event Wristbands

Just like smart badges, smart wristbands also depend on NFC technology and they can replicate all the actions by them. However, as you can imagine, a wristband that sits on your wrist, will be less likely to be lost, making it the perfect solution for multi-day events!


If you don’t know about beamers – a lead capture tool for live & hybrid and virtual events  yet, let’s take a look. It also works with an ID technology but it has a more specific function. They are usually used to identify exhibitor companies or the products within the company, and allow them to receive interactions from visitors. All of this information, will be automatically displayed in the beamian event management platform dashboard.

Let us give you an example. Imagine you’re at a job fair and you want to share your resume with a specific company. Using the smart badge, where all the necessary information is located, you simply approach the beamer and the company automatically collects your information.

4 Reasons To Use ID Technology In Your Event

1. Speed Up The Check-in Process

Choosing the right event check-in technology for your event is important because it  speeds up the check-in process. It’s usually one of the main points that cause of frustration for attendees through long queues caused by slowness of doing it manual.

With contactless solutions, attendees can simply arrive with their ID technology, whatever it may be, and in a matter of seconds, their entrance is verified and they can quickly enjoy the event.

2. Access Control Capabilties

Not only will it increase the speed in the check-in process, but it will also help to ensure that there is no ticket fraud. So you can quickly check whether a particular attendee has access to a particular session within your event.

3. Increased Lead Generation

By incorporating contactless solutions into your event, you will enhance the attendee experience by making everything more interactive. Since all attendee information is stored in a contactless solution, the only thing they have to do at the event is share contact information. 

The work involved in the interaction is almost null because all they have to do is approach them to a disponitive. The result, is an increase in lead generation up to 40x!

4. Event Performance Analytics

ID technology can help with event performance analytics by providing data on attendance and engagement. It can track when and where attendees enter and exit the event, and can be used to track which sessions, products or exhibits attendees interact with. 

Additionally, ID technology can also be used for other purposes such as access control, lead retrieval. This data can then be analyzed to assess the overall performance of the event and identify areas for improvement.

ID Technology: Are QR Codes Still a Good Alternative?

We think that QR codes are still widely used and are a good alternative for certain use cases, such as providing quick access to a website or contact information on a business card and to identify participants within the event. So, why are they a good alternative? There are 3 main reasons. 

  • The associated cost is lower when compared to other solutions
  • It’s a democratized technology that is available for everyone.
  • Highly versatile thanks to its multiple uses.

The future of events is bright, and there’s some expectations attendees will have. So, we recommend you to think twice if you are not already using ID technology in your events. You are missing a giant opportunity to improve the experience for all attendees and gather information that allows you to adapt, improve and continue to grow within your industry! Take advantage of technology and the power of data and get a greater ROI!

Talk to us! We’ll show you how ID technology can improve your attendees’ experience!