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As an organiser, you aim for continuous improvement to increase the quality of your events and also the participation and involvement of the participants. By using beamian’s event management platform, you have access to everything you need to organise your event and make it a success. However, if you choose to integrate this software with Grip, participants have the possibility of establishing and maintaining a larger network of contacts with great interest. 

With Grip’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) matchmaking functionality, visitors can be connected according to their interests, preferences and goals. The software offers personalised suggestions and recommendations based on participants’ interactions on the Grip platform. This creates more targeted and relevant networking opportunities for each visitor, sponsor and exhibitor.

Today, we’re going to cover precisely how you can take advantage of beamian’s integration with Grip, improving participants’ engagement with the event and providing them with a very positive experience.

beamian – Event Management Platform

beamian is an event management software that offers a set of fundamental tools for organising a flawless event that makes a good impression on visitors, exhibitors and sponsors. An event management platform like beamian serves primarily to simplify and automate the complex and robust tasks and processes involved in organising an event.

If you’re in doubt as to whether you should use the beamian platform to manage your event, here are a few points in favour of using it:

  • All-in-one platform. With beamian, you have centralised access to everything you need to organise your event: face-to-face and/or remote support during the event, provision and transport of hardware , and event management software; 
  • Immediate management and configuration. This platform allows you to follow the flow of the entire event, manage the physical and virtual elements from a single location and configure the event according to what has been previously established;
  • Automating processes and saving time. By making all processes simpler and faster, from check-in, to collecting leads, sending automatic emails and issuing reports, your team has more free time to focus on other tasks that can set you apart from the competition;
  • Greater participation and networking. By using technological and contactless solutions at your event, such as smart badges, smart wristbands and beamers, you are facilitating the process of interaction between participants and exhibitors, increasing their participation and involvement with the event. It also increases lead capture and digital contact sharing among visitors;  
  • Reports and statistical analyses. Receive detailed data on the performance of your event, what went well and what you can improve in future events.

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As you can see, beamian offers solutions ranging from digital registrationelectronic check-in  and ticketing, to private areas for organisers, exhibitors and attendees, to detailed reporting and analysis of the interactions and actions that took place throughout the event. 

In addition, organisers receive real-time information on pre-event registration numbers and all the data on what is happening during the event, and can configure it on the platform according to previously defined objectives.


Grip is a platform for face-to-face, hybrid or virtual events based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), which makes it possible to exploit a more difficult part of the latter type of event: networking.

This platform offers tools powered by Artificial Intelligence to facilitate and simplify event management. It’s a technology that makes use not only of AI, but also of advanced algorithms to make recommendations and create better meeting agendas. So the more a visitor interacts with the Grip platform, the more accurate and relevant the recommendations they will receive.

The main tool that can be extracted from the use of AI is, in fact, matchmaking, which makes it possible to build up a large network of contacts (networking). This is a very useful tool both for event organisers who are able to increase interaction between participants, enrich business networks, generate contacts and revenue, and for visitors who get more out of their time at the event and have meetings with people who interest them.

As such, matchmaking is Grip’s main differentiating feature. Each event visitor has their own unique needs and interests. Using AI and an algorithm, this software offers intelligent matches for event visitors, based on their profiles, interests, preferences and needs. The AI collects information on the behaviour and actions of each participant on the platform, i.e. the interactions they have with each view and click. With this, Grip’s AI suggests profiles, sessions, companies, products or services similar to those with which the visitor is interacting. The main purpose is to help visitors establish and maintain valuable business relationships with each other. 

Once these recommendations and matches have been generated by AI and based on the actions of participants on the Grip platform, you can automate the process of scheduling meetings. You can automatically fill visitors’ diaries with productive meetings according to their mutual preferences and interests. Participants also have the opportunity to chat in real time.

By combining these two functionalities, each participant has access to a wide network of professional contacts, all of them useful and with common interests. This comprehensive network of contacts translates into networking. Collecting leads can also be done by having exhibitors scan badges via the Grip event app.

In this way, Grip is event management software that helps event organisers simplify the logistics of organising and planning meetings within the event. As such, it enables:

  • Increase attendee involvement in the event, achieving a high NPS and providing a very positive and satisfying experience for attendees who see their interests recognised through profile and meeting recommendations;
  • Increase revenue by selling more meetings to suppliers, sponsorship opportunities to sponsors and more contacts to exhibitors;
  • Increase business relationships by connecting participants with common interests through the mobile application for business matchmaking meetings using AI. This intuitive application is synchronised with visitors’ personal calendars, sends notifications and provides all the necessary information about the event;
  • Automate the processes of connecting participants, exhibitors and sponsors before the event and scheduling meetings during the event. In this way, event organisers save time and resources by using matchmaking, and visitors can also invest their time better by talking and meeting only with people who are relevant to them.

beamian Grip Integration

After explaining the functionalities and objectives of each event platform, it becomes easier and simpler to understand how the two can be used together. 

The idea is that beamian’s services will be used above all for face-to-face events, with online registration, check-in and ticketing on the beamian platform. Grip’s tools will be centred on digital channels, with interaction on the platform and mobile app with matchmaking and networking solutions. 

An attendee’s profile is directly imported from beamian’s registration data into the Grip platform. With their profile created, visitors can start connecting with other visitors and exhibitors based on their interests and suggestions provided by the Grip mobile app.

 The Grip app can be used before and during the event. For attendees, the app will recommend other attendees, exhibitors, speakers, products, services or sessions/discussion panels they would like to attend. Exhibitors will be able to get a better idea of visitor behaviour patterns and analyse post-event data to determine successful contact sharing and what can be better executed at a future event.

Thus, when a participant registers on beamian, they automatically register on the Grip platform, and all interactions that take place during the event with the beamian platform are instantly synchronised with Grip. The reverse also occurs, i.e. interactions and contact sharing that take place on the Grip application are updated on beamian.

In conclusion, by making use of a matchmaking platform integrated with beamian, you ensure that relevant and interesting business relationships are established between event participants, increasing their networking. This will provide a much more satisfying experience for visitors and increase your event’s NPS.

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