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Events are continuously changing given the technological improvements that give event organizers more abilities to interact with visitors. Thus, it’s essential to have the knowledge of the must-have event management software features. What doesn’t change are the main goals of events: increasing engagement rates to further increase ROI.

Creating a smooth event registration and check-in is crucial because they are part of the core elements that make up an event as it’s responsible for achieving one of the main goals: the number of registrations you set out to achieve. On the other side, check-in is the first interaction process within the event, contributing to the attendance rate. 

Making this process as efficient and friendly as possible is absolutely necessary. In this article, we will provide ideas about event registration and check-in to delight your attendees.

When it comes to event registration, we suggest you the following ideas:

1. Go easy on event custom forms

The right event management platform will enable you to create customizable forms. Reduce the fields to be filled in as much as possible to avoid giving your visitors too much work to do, without jeopardizing the information you need.

2. Invest in your event branding materials

Event branding is essential to build your uniqueness. You can introduce appealing visual assets to amaze your attendees while they are going through the registration process. Not only you’ll have the opportunity to establish your brand in their minds, but it’ll also give more credibility to your event and thus, increase registrations.

3. Ease your work with an event database import

If you’re hosting an event inside your company, you already have all the information about your employees, for example. Make their life easier and import your database file so you can make bulk registrations without them having to do anything.

4. Enable all-in-one payments

To facilitate the registration process, when there’s more than one registration, give your visitors the ability to register themselves and their companions with a single payment. This is a great way to boost your registration rate and one of the most popular use cases of using an event management software.

5. Send check-in credentials to visitors’ addresses with pre-check-in

Moving towards the check-in phase, we can make life easier for visitors by sending them their credentials to the comfort of their homes. Imagine that a smart badge or wristband is required to enter the event. Instead of wasting time giving the wristband or printing the tag with on-site hardware support, the visitor can simply arrive and enter the event.

Has the long-awaited opening day arrived? Here are some suggestions for exceeding attendees’ expectations with regard to the check-in process:

6. Invest in a self-service, contactless check-in

Attendees nowadays are very comfortable with technology and they count on having the possibility to do a self-service through contactless event check-in, especially at tech trade shows or tech conferences. 

  • A simple QR code to speed up the check-in process;
  • Smart badges and wristbands with amazing designs so you can impress your attendees.

7. Differentiate your check-in with the power of ultrasound

Build the reputation of being an innovative player in the events industry by adopting a different check-in process. A smartphone can perform all kinds of tasks. The proof of this is its ability to pass information through ultra-sound technology. This makes sharing information via devices even easier because it can be done without requiring any action.

8. Give directions and create check-in points

If you want to provide a self-service process, it’s crucial to create directions and points to guide your visitor to the check-in areas within in-person events, while also boosting your branding image. 

Attendees are more demanding than ever when it comes to tools to make their experience more accessible. They are also more educated, resulting in more self-sufficiency, so they expect self-service products. 

To receive positive feedback and make them think about participating in your future events, you need to be creative and take most of the work out of the visitors’ hands by having automated processes that they can easily perform.

Whether you’re hosting a job fair to attract talent to your exhibitors or you’re hosting a hybrid trade show where you can make virtual product showcasing to boost sales, there’s only one certainty: the need to adapt to emerging technologies.

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