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When you organize an event, it’s essential to choose the right event management software so that your event runs as smoothly as possible. It’s also essential to ensure that you have all the support you need, both in terms of setting up the event beforehand and in the event of a glitch during the event. With beamian you can guarantee all of this and also manage and track all the information and interactions on a single platform.

But as an event is made up of people for people, you have to ensure that the participants’ experience is a positive one. This means quick and hassle-free registration and check-in, but that’s not all. It also goes hand in hand with the creation of timely and commercially interesting professional relationships. To do this, you can use b2match’s matchmaking tool. This ensures that your event participants receive recommendations from profiles with mutual interests and the possibility of scheduling meetings.

In this article, we’re going to talk about precisely these two platforms: beamian and b2match. We’ll explore how they can be used together to boost the success of your next event.

beamian – Event Management Platform

The beamian event management platform offers a range of features that allow your event to run smoothly and seamlessly. The beamian solutions range from digital registration and ticket sales to private areas for organizers, exhibitors and participants, the event marketplace and data analysis. With beamian, you can access contactless networking tools, control access and manage capacities, check in electronically, create virtual stands and live stream your event.

With this platform, as an event organizer, you can create registration forms, with or without ticket sales, track new registrations and access check-in numbers in real time, perform an electronic check-in in less than 5 seconds per participant, register new participants at the event entrance and simplify access control to event sessions. 

What’s more, you can choose the right technology to identify your event participants: smart badges, smart wristbands and QR codes.

When choosing beamian as your event management software, take the following features into account:

  • Personalized event page with white-labelling. With this feature you don’t have to build your event page from scratch every time you organize one. It’s much easier and more intuitive to insert your branding materials onto your home page;
  • Versatility in on-site check-in and registration. The platform offers a variety of check-in methods depending on the needs of the event: QR codes, printing labels or NFC technology (smart badges or smart wristbands). You can also carry out on-site registration for participants who have not previously registered;
  • Ticket types and promotional codes. With this software, you can create ticket types in order to create different accesses within the event. Promotional codes allow you to create special offers for attendees who make a purchase in the early stages of the event; 
  • Networking and engagement. Meeting new people and creating professional relationships are the main motivations for attending an event. Through the platform, it is possible to exchange contacts interactively, as well as allowing interactions to be recorded digitally;
  • Means of communication for promoting the event. Using the beamian platform, you can communicate with event participants via email or SMS. You can also create personalized and automatic emails;
  • Data reports and statistics. As well as receiving statistics and detailed reports of all the interactions throughout the event when it ends, you also have access to what is happening at the event in real time. This allows you to change the strategy of your next events and adapt them according to the performance of previous events.


b2match is a networking platform for face-to-face, virtual or hybrid events, which allows participants to increase their engagement as they find matches with other participants based on common interests.

This is an all-in-one event management software with the following features:

  • Personalized home page. It is essential to create an appealing and customizable landing page with interesting content to create a good impression;
  • Personalized registration form and ticket sales. You can define what information participants have to fill in and configure various types of tickets. You can also define promotional codes;
  • Interactive agenda. You can create a complete agenda comprising all the sessions of your event, with customizable information. You can also control which groups have access to a particular session;
  • Profiles for participants, speakers and companies. Allow your event participants to build their own profiles based on their interests, preferences and needs. All profiles are visible and can be enriched with documents, images and videos. This is an essential networking tool. Companies can also have pages dedicated to presenting their work and job vacancies;
  • Mobile application. Encourage matchmaking with the mobile app for participants. This app allows you to send and receive meeting requests, exchange messages in real time, access the meeting agenda and receive notifications about the event’s events (sessions, meetings);
  • Networking and matchmaking. With this AI tool, you can increase networking between participants who have mutual interests. Participants receive recommendations from other profiles that are fed by AI and made by the b2match platform itself, based on the participant’s information and interactions with the mobile app. Thus, by using the matchmaking tool, you increase networking and the scheduling of meetings between your event participants. These meetings can be face-to-face or virtual, individual or group;
  • Real-time chat. Encourage communication between your event participants through chat. Participants can send and receive messages before, during or after the event.

In fact, the feature that stands out the most on the b2match platform is its matchmaking software that boosts networking. Matchmaking serves to connect companies and people with common professional interests, with the aim of creating advantageous business opportunities for both parties. With this AI-powered tool, you ensure that participants connect with people of interest to them, providing them with a very satisfying experience. With this, it is enhancing the involvement and interactions of participants throughout the event, the scheduling of meetings and the fostering of a lasting professional relationship. 

The b2match matchmaking process can be summarized in four steps:

  1. Registration and profile creation. It all starts when participants register online and answer a set of personalized questions on the form;
  2. Profile search and matching. Before the event starts, participants can identify people of interest;
  3. Pre-organization and communication. After identifying participants of interest and even before the event starts, participants can communicate via chat or arrange meetings with each other in advance;
  4. Meetings. During the event, participants can take part in previously scheduled meetings or arrange new meetings, either face-to-face or online.

beamian | b2match integration

We’ve already explored the functionalities of the two platforms. Now let’s see how they can be used together.

The beamian platform will be used for registration and check-in, ticketing, access control and general event configuration (building the landing page and communications to participants, for example). The b2match platform will essentially be used to facilitate matchmaking and networking at the event, with its mobile app. 

When participants register online via the beamian platform and fill in their personal information and interests, this data is sent directly to b2match. This way, the platform’s AI software can start being fed and suggesting certain profile recommendations before the event even starts. Participants can start connecting with each other and scheduling meetings based on their interests and needs. 

All interactions that take place on the beamian platform before, during and after the event are synchronized with the b2match platform. The reverse is also true. 

In conclusion, this integration of beamian with b2match ensures that every step of setting up your event is successful, from registration and check-in to the formation of fruitful professional relationships. As well as ensuring that nothing fails on a technical level, it also ensures that your participants have a very satisfying and positive experience.