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Remember the people counting tool that beamian launched in May? The timing was ideal, the whole world was progressively preparing to go through the two most critical months to get the back-to-work coronavirus plans implemented – May and June. Our goal was (and continues to be) to help all spaces open to the public – such as hotels, swimming pools, gymnasiums, restaurants, shops and event venues – and to comply with local safety and public health guidelines, among the which the compliance with the maximum occupancy established for different spaces, according to the various activity sectors. 

And that was exactly what happened. The HeadCounter app helped many commercial establishments in their capacity management by allowing them to effectively count the number of people within certain perimeters or spaces, by monitoring entrances and exits.

A strategic partnership was established with AHP (Portuguese Hotel Association), to better help hotels come back to activity with the “Clean & Safe” seal.

However, has we promised before, the sky is really the limit 🙌

The HeadCounter has reached more than 7000 venues and 55 countries

Not only did we pass the market test in Portugal with distinction, as we also reached countries on the other side of the world. In Europe, we highlight Spain, Italy, France and the United Kingdom. And the dream arose when we landed across the Atlantic Ocean in the United States, Canada, Brazil and Chile. Yet, the bar remained high and this intercontinental trip also took us to countries such as South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, the Philippines, China and Malaysia.

As a form of gratitude for all this progress, we recently made our Pro version available for free. It is now possible to share your live occupancy with your customers! This means that all people can access the occupancy of any given space, in real time, and decide in advance what’s the best time to attend it.

Here you have some ideas to promote this premium feature among your customers:

  • By providing a QR Code at your venue’s entrance, enabling your customers to easily access your count (you can opt for a physical or digital format);
  • By making available the access link to your count on your website/social networks (it must be clearly visible);
  • By sending an SMS to your customers with the access link to your count;
  • By suggesting to your customers to install a direct shortcut to the access link of your count on their mobile devices.

If you’re already a HeadCounter user, check our Facebook page and rate your experience counting people with us.

Any doubt or suggestion? Talk to us!