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While social distancing measures are still the key in containing the virus, digital interactions between exhibitors and attendees will play a leading role to the events industry reopening. Let’s see how contactless & paperless technologies can turn live events successful, secure & sustainable at once.

The pandemic has actually created a higher demand for event technologies that allow all parties involved to avoid touching paper, as usually happens in check-in and access control processes, or simply when exchanging business cards or brochures. For example, in the specific case of job & career fairs, paper CVs are definitely a thing of the past.

What if all your live events need to thrive again is simply a good internet access and a great event tech solution that will come with interactive ways to turn physical interactions into digital formats? The proof lies in the fact that during the coronavirus lockdown, contactless payments have been keeping economies running and helping people reduce contact with the virus. So, what’s stopping technology to work in the same way for the events industry?

Contactless interactions – such as facial recognition, QR codes or near-field communications (NFC) – can sure enough make it less likely for the virus to spread to other people during the course of a large in-person gathering. And that’s because these kinds of technologies have the power to limit physical interactions and ensure security for live events.

Going paperless can give event organizers a new opportunity to succeed

For years, we’re told that digital transformation would banish our photocopiers and paper-reliant processes, right? But it never happened completely for the events industry, since commercial approaches seem to have a kind of reliance on paper. Now, thanks to the impact of COVID-19, there’s an emerging need for contactless & paperless interaction technologies. As people get increasingly nervous about the spreading germs, enabling safe interactions could help event organizers regain the confidence they need to a go back to work.

This is a time when the average human being can understand why there’s a need for digital interactions. Contactless & paperless technology is not only important for complying with safety and healthy measures while a live event occurs, but also for sustainable reasons.

Sustainability at events is no longer a nice-to-have. It’s a must-have!

As the world focuses on reducing plastic waste and when there’s an increasing number of people fighting the war on waste at music festivals, it’s time for exhibitions and other large events to “leave the garbage behind”. That means that there’s no time like the present for event organizers to (re)consider their lasting impact on the environment. And using paperless tools to run such a large gathering as a music festival will also reduce their carbon footprint. Just imagine a music festival and the waste you won’t have to clear up at the end of it – because if you opt to implement paperless policies, it will be incredibly less.

The good news is that this spotlight on sustainability doesn’t compromise lead generation at all – in fact, this provides a renewed opportunity to capture leads at live events in a more efficient way. Get to know how lead capture technology can work for your next event.

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