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Due to the world’s pandemic situation, the events industry is quickly adapting to new potential scenarios. And it’s no different for job & career fairs. In fact, with the rise of interactive technologies, virtual career fairs are giving traditional hiring events a tough competition – delivering countless benefits at a fraction of a cost of hosting a live event. We’re towards a winning way of recruiting!

What is a virtual job fair?

A virtual job fair is no more than a virtual or hybrid event, but oriented to the employment and recruitment sector. It’s still about providing online access to a global audience, but custom-designed for hiring companies’ demands and job seekers’ needs.

Get to know the 4 essential steps to host a perfect virtual job fair.

What is a hybrid job fair?

Combining the attributes of a virtual and in-person career fair, a hybrid job fair takes place in both a physical and digital setting. For instance, the host can bring together employers and local job seekers in a physical scenario, allowing the power of human interaction for the exchanging of experiences.

On the other hand, the same companies can make available virtual stands for remote candidates to view job offers and apply for them online.

Hybrid job fairs can actively increase event attendance and efficiency, being an excellent option to target and engage extrovert and introvert candidates. The result? An improved hiring quality and the access to data-driven results for lead tracking.

The benefits of virtual recruitment

In addition to complying with the current public health guidelines for hosting live events, virtual & hybrid career fairs are an engaging and targeted way for recruiters and candidates to interact.

The most important gain is that virtual recruiters will reach more candidates through virtual or hybrid recruitment. And this is particularly important for smaller recruiting companies that are unable of sourcing talent on a large scale in a physical environment. Furthermore, they’ll have more candidates attending their event and online interviews will also save their time.

On the other hand, applicants can now explore job offers, seek for information about employers, interact with them in a secure digital scenario and submit CVs online to instantly become a part of a powerful candidate pipeline.

Virtual and hybrid career fairs attract 7x more traffic due to their unlimited capacity, and can benefit from a 24/7 stream that will reach different time zones.

But there are other great advantages that are strictly related to each other, such as:

  • Cost-effectiveness: A technological solution designed for career fairs and a training course (for your team members to handle online recruitment successfully) will be the only costs you will incur;
  • Easier set-up process: We’re talking about equipping organizers within only a few weeks, instead of months;
  • Access to data during and after the event: Monitoring engagement levels during the event and even conducting post-event follow-ups will lead to improved hiring outcomes;
  • No need for recruiters or applicants to travel: Valuable networking opportunities will no longer be missed due to geographical distances;
  • Having a global candidate database: Which means that finding the perfect candidate will be much easier;
  • All information gets paperless: All the downloadable content are available in only one place, which will make the recruitment process more seamless and efficient for all parties involved. And, of course, more sustainable!

The beamian solution for job & career fairs enables recruiters and candidates to connect in a virtual and secure way.

Knowing that virtual career fairs are not just the future, but also a favorite amongst candidates (specially for the passive ones), we’ve diligently developed a new solution for job & career fairs. Furthermore, we’ve known for a long time that paper CVs are a thing of the past.

So, in order to eliminate all the limitations and frustrations points of the traditional job fairs, the beamian solution for job & career fairs was specifically designed considering the needs of recruiters, recruiting companies, event organizers, educational institutions and candidates.

Our solution is delivered as a managed service with either on-site or off-site support, depending on the event’s needs, and it can be used for physical, hybrid and virtual events.

This brand new solution gives you real-time information and includes more than 20 features, such as virtual stands, a videocall platform for online interviews, personal agendas management, an online chat, and the possibility to live streaming with Q&A.

Want to discover all the available features? Talk to us!