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There are many underlying conditions for live events to happen again. Apart from prior government approval in each country, several safety measures must be considered, adapted and implemented by the events industry stakeholders. 

Eventually, large scale events will operate under social distancing protocols. There’s even an official Reopening Guide which provides framework recommendations to operate exhibitions / trade shows in a safe environment.

So, as long as there is no vaccine or cure, the upcoming concerns for event organizers will include operating live events within strict safety guidelines to protect both attendees and exhibitors. Fortunately, there are several tech solutions on the market ready for potentially lower COVID-19 spread.

We can easily think of different requirements, such as social distancing measures, occupancy tracking apps, protective equipment, temperature checks or sanitation and disinfection of common and high-traffic areas.

And with social distancing being the key in containing the virus, we believe that contactless technology and paperless solutions will be meaningful for events more than ever.

Why your event should go contactless?

Apart from improve your event ROI and enhance attendee experience, contactless technology works as a COVID-19 safe and cost-effective solution.

So, event organizers are making use of the new trends & key features of digital transformation in events, such as contactless lead capture tools and contactless check-in processes, that work together with paperless solutions (e.g. to replace the typical brochures) for safe event operations.

Events no more need to be that tactile, event check-ins no more need to have waiting lines and interactions between attendees and exhibitors no more need to include paper to get recorded. Instead, they need to be safe and more effective.

Talk to us! We’ll show you how technology can help your event.