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Began your event planning and came across the need to choose an event ticketing system? We know it’s a crucial part of any event planning process, and choosing the right ticketing solution can make all the difference. First, because it’ll be one of the first touch points with your event, on the event page, and second, because it’ll be a substantial source of revenue.

Technology can help create better events and with so many options available, it can be difficult to determine which platform is the best fit for your event. In this article, we’ll explore the key features and benefits of a good event ticketing solution and explain how it can help increase ticket sales and improve the overall attendee experience.

What does an Event Ticketing System do and Why do I Need One?

An event ticketing system is a feature within the event management platform that allows event organizers to sell and manage their tickets. It makes the whole process of buying tickets more convenient and efficient for attendees, and also for organizers to track ticket sales. 

Here are some of the reasons why you need one for your events:

1. Ticket sales anywhere and anytime: An event ticketing system allows attendees to buy tickets anywhere and anytime, removing the need for in-person transactions or physical tickets.

2. Improves attendees’ experience: An event ticketing system can offer customizable ticketing options, such as VIP or group tickets, enhancing the attendee experience.

3. Increases sales with different tools: A user-friendly ticketing system can help increase ticket sales by offering different promotional tools, such as promo codes, discount codes, and add-ons.

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Must-have Features to Look for When Choosing a Ticketing Solution

Now that you know what an event ticketing system is, let’s see what features you should look for when choosing one because there are a few options to choose from, which could make it difficult for you to make a decision.

  1. Secure payments: you should look for an event ticketing system that provides security and protects attendees’ overall information. 
  2. Customization: It should offer customization, whether we’re talking about the event page branding itself, or different ticket types and pricing options.
  3. User-friendly: Should have an easy-to-use interface to simplify the way attendees make the purchase. The more steps it has, the less likely to be converted into a sale.
  4. Mobile-friendly: The event ticketing system must be optimized for mobile, as well as give the possibility to display the tickets of the participants at check-in on their own smartphones.
  5. Ticket Data: The ticketing system or event management platform you will rely on must provide real-time data on ticket sales, and attendance rate as well as other metrics to assist in your decision-making processes.
  6. Marketing and Communication: Should also offer tools such as email marketing, and social media integrations to help you communicate and promote your event.
  7. Integrations with CRM Tools: Maybe you’re used to a specific CRM tool that you simply don’t want to give up. Figure out if it’s capable of integrating these tools so you can provide a seamless experience. 

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Boost Sales with The Right Features

Wondering how you can give your ticket sales a boost? Don’t worry, we’re now going to talk a bit about the features that can help you achieve a greater ROI!

Time-restricted ticket sales

The right ticketing system will offer you the ability to create tickets with different prices for a limited period of time. All this, in an automated way. This is ideal for early bird ticket sales, for example, offering discounts to attendees who want to make their purchases in the early stages of ticket sales.

Event Ticketing Promo codes

You can also use promo codes in multiple ways. For example, if some sort of influencer is communicating your event, then all attendees who are converted through them can get some sort of discount. Another example would be to offer promo codes to those who have attended a previous edition of your event. The possibilities are endless!

Event Ticketing Add-ons

Add-ons, as the name implies, can be an enhancement to ticket sales. If you’re selling tickets for a conference and you know that people are coming from all over the world, then you may want to team up with hotels or local accommodations and display them on the ticket sales page. Not only will this make life easier for all your attendees, but you can also increase your revenue. In addition, add-ons can also be used for event merchandising.

After you boost your sales with these strategies, you might want to take a look and choose the right event check-in technology for your event.

Building Personal Event Experiences

One of the ways to offer personalized experiences at events also starts with ticket sales. This becomes very obvious when we talk about VIP or premium tickets. These are tickets that are bought at a higher price, but offer a different experience at the same time. From a better-situated seat to VIP areas, all of these offer a differentiating and exclusive experience at your event.

Focus on Security, Privacy, and Mobile-Friendly

Apart from all the features we have talked about before, there are still three more that should have a greater focus, considering that an event ticketing system works with sensitive information while also ensuring its reliability and convenience for attendees. Let’s see which ones:

  1. Security: An event ticketing system needs to be bulletproof because it involves sharing personal and financial information. Data breaches won’t only cause you, as an event organizer, harm, but also your customers, who bought tickets and shared sensitive information with you. 
  2. Privacy: Since participants are sharing sensitive information with you and the event ticketing system company, they expect one thing: privacy. It’s important that an event ticketing system respects the privacy rights of your customers.  
  3. Mobile-friendly: A mobile-friendly version of an event ticketing system will reduce most of the steps needed for a purchase to happen, increasing this probability significantly.

Now that you know the features you need to sell your event tickets, you can also apply the strategies you learned here to boost them! Finally, don’t forget that the security and privacy of your attendees’ information are of utmost importance!

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