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Are you organizing a small to medium sized event? Take control with an event check-in app that lets you validate entries and exits 100% autonomously.


This is a modular solution designed for event organizers looking to be more self-sufficient when it comes to attendee management. The main goal is to uncomplicate check-in/ticket validation process for smaller events.

While visitors enjoy a smoother check-in experience, staff and event organizers are no longer dependent on professional support and equipment to deliver that experience.

The app’s Help Center already features 4 self-service support articles and is available here.

What you’ll be able to do with your mobile phone:

  • Bulk upload guest lists
  • Register new guests manually
  • Perform check-ins by scanning QR codes
  • Print labels when checking-in guests
  • Access a dashboard with real-time data

The main challenges you’ll be able to overcome:

  • Generate and deliver unique QR codes to your guests
  • Ensure a fast, equipment-free check-in at no extra cost

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Looking for more than just a check-in solution for your event?

Do you have a large event on your hands? Do you need to build registration forms, create the event web page with customization options, sell tickets, or ensure all things event management? Schedule a free conversation with us HERE, or fill out the form below.

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