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The beamian platform integrates a lead retrieval solution (which collects data before your event starts) & a lead capture tool (which collects data during your event). Both features can turn each event you organize into a successful and secure experience for all parties involved. Let’s outline what you can get from incorporating the beamian technology at your live events:

Even before this COVID-19 pandemic crisis that we’re gradually overcoming, the beamian team already aimed to bring together those who build, maintain and support the event’s world through innovation and technology. And we truly believe that our path begins to make even more sense in this light.

First of all, you need to understand why we state that. That’s because the beamian lead capture technology is able to digitize all processes and interactions that occur in live events, through a contactless and paperless way. Events no more need to be that tactile, event check-ins no longer need to have waiting lines and interactions no more need to include paper to get recorded. Instead, they need to be safe and more effective.

We can give you some examples of what you can get from the beamian platform:

  • You’ll have the means to manage different onsite activities in a more effective way, such as check-in processes, access control for specific areas, track of your event/areas capacity, the number of participants at any given time, and even the number of established interactions between your participants and your exhibitors;
  • You’ll be able to analyze your event entrances and exits based on date and time of day and get to know your best lead capture performance hours;
  • You’ll have the possibility to turn your collected leads into sales opportunities, and then you can use it to prove your event ROI;
  • Gathering and organizing all the lead data you captured into an unique platform;
  • After the event you’ll have access to valuable information and insights, which will give you the possibility of organizing future editions based on the collected data.

The exhibitors that pay to be present at your event will also benefit from your lead capture technology. And their success is your success too. They’ll have in hands an interactive lead capture tool which makes the process of exchanging contacts way more simple. The concern with carrying around paper business cards is replaced with the sharing of experiences that will close deals in a more efficient way.

Get to know exactly how lead capture technology can work for your next event.

Talk to us! We’ll show you how to rethink your events.