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The Tecnipão trade fair, which was elected the national trade fair of reference for its sector and is entirely dedicated to the bakery, pastry and confectionery sectors, ran from April 12 to 15, 2018, and was part of the set of events held under the Exposalão and beamian partnership.


Once again, beamian integrated this event with the aim of providing visitors and exhibitors with a technology-enhanced experience that included pre-registration, visitor check-in and digital contact sharing throughout the event.

In this way, check-ins happened quickly and efficiently with less waiting time in the queues and contacts were registered instantly and digitally (without any need for paper), allowing companies to keep the contacts of possible future business opportunities.

The organization states that “We saw a quality of visitors higher than in the previous edition in 2015, and we also noted the satisfaction of the exhibitors who, in addition to collecting useful contacts, even managed to conduct business during the actual fair.”

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