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The Expotransport and Logistics trade fair, hosted at FIL (International Fair of Lisbon), took place from November 24 to 26, 2017, and represented another of the events under the Exposalão and beamian partnership. Expotransport and Logistics is dedicated to heavy and light goods vehicles and logistics, and obtained great results – more than 170 exhibitors and 25,000 visitors participated in this fair.

beamian at the ExpoTransport and Logistics Fair

The beamian technological service facilitated the professional fair’s online registration process as well as the check-in at the event entrance.

Similarly to other professional fairs held with the beamian service, the visitors of this fair registered online in the event with their email and at the check-in received their smartbadge (electronic identifier of the visitor), which – combined with the beamers (electronic identifiers of the companies) – allowed companies to register the number of total interactions obtained during the event, the gathering of contacts and the sending of communications automatically after the event. For all of this to be possible, visitors only had to swipe their smartbadge over the beamer of each company.

In events with such a large influx of people, the beamian technology system also represents significant savings in terms of use of paper and merchandising, which demonstrates responsible and sustainable activity in the organization of events.

As the organization pointed out,

“For the exhibitor this is also a solution that monetizes their presence in the fair, by increasing their database and later communicating with visitors who have passed their credential on the reader placed in the stand."

Fair organization

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