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beamian continues to provide wine lovers with the opportunity to never forget the wines they’ve tasted.

beamian partnered up with the Wine & Flavours Film Festival for its 5th edition, which was dedicated to the wine region of Vinho Verde and its flavors and aromas, during the 24th and 25th of January, an event organized by the senior students in the Tourism Events Organization class from the Hotel and Tourism School of Lisbon. This edition was supported by the Food & Drinks beamian solution, ensuring that all participants could taste the wines, enjoy the moment and learn from specialists, without the being concerned with the possibility of later forgetting the name of the wines they liked best. The organizing students and the other attendees enjoyed the Wine Tasting and Wine Mixology Experience sessions, as well as a unique dining experience during the “Soalheiramente Delicioso” lunch – which was accompanied by iconic wines from Quinta do Soalheiro -, amongst other activities in this edition of the WFFF. The booklet that was sent out by email after the event ensured that every attendee got a list of the wines they marked as favorites during the tastings, as well as the wine’s information and features. Introducing digital tools for Wine events  enriches the attendees’ experience, in this case relating to wine tasting, by adding the benefits of the digital world to the unique experience offered by our five senses. Also allows organizers to obtain a real-time overview of the data related to the physical interactions at the event.

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