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The beamian contact sharing system was one of the novelties at Employer Branding 2019.

beamian exists to facilitate the experience of organizers and participants in events, and this time it gave all participants a unique ID card capable of sending the message “I want to share my contacts with this company”.

Well, let’s rewind a little. The Employer Branding 2019 event, which took place in the Rectory of NOVA University Lisbon, January 31, provided the largest meetup between employers and candidate organizations in Portugal to discuss employer branding, trends and best practices. The event was attended by representatives of about 80 companies who, between the several lectures, took the chance to network, share challenges and exchange contacts.

beamian eliminated the common practice of sharing paper business cards thanks to a simple and intuitive contact-sharing system. Upon their check-in, each participant received a beamian visitor card and had their data and contacts linked to that card. The companies, in turn, were identified through a reader, the beamer, which read the cards and collected the visitors’ contacts.

This is the perfect solution to allow participants to share their contacts with a certain company by simply moving their beamian visitor card over the beamer device, thus generating a contact exchange. After the event, all of the companies received a list with the contacts and data of the people with whom they interacted and that they probably wanted to contact again.

beamian is a beneficial easy-to-implement system for events in which the participants want to exchange and keep contacts for later follow-up. The beamian technology not only eliminates the use of paper and the production of hundreds of business cards but also ensures that there is no loss of information as it sometimes happens with the collection of physical business cards or email addresses throughout the events.

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