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All event organizers make it a priority to ensure a memorable experience for their target audience, from start to finish. And the best way to guarantee that is through lead capture technology, which works primarily as a digital identification system of each attendee. Then, you only need to use ID technology as the means for personalization. Not only does personalization offer a more seamless experience for attendees, but organizers benefit from the increased value of collecting key attendee data that can be highly valuable for follow-up actions or for planning better events in the future.

What is event personalization?

Event personalization covers all of the strategies used to customize the interactions that occur before, during and after an event – such as brand activations tactics – to better fit the needs and expectations of the attendees. For example, once an attendee gets registered for your event and fills in for their job role or activity sector, you can personalize further offers based on that information. And the process applies in the same way to other demographics, interests or data related to consumer behavior, giving you a great opportunity to offer custom experiences at your event. It’s all about event marketing!

How to personalize the event experience for attendees?

1. It all begins with your registration strategy

As we mentioned before, an effective registration strategy will give you valuable data and demographics that help you gain a better understanding of your audience. Moreover, in a post-event scenario, this data will be even more meaningful. As an event organizer, you’ll have access to several insights about who has attended your event, for how long they’ve stayed in specific sessions, what were the peak hours of your event or even what were the most engaging exhibitors, allowing you to analyze your event success.

By incorporating attendee engagement solutions at your event – just as smart badge technology, QR codes or mobile apps – you’ll improve your event networking, as well as the sharing of experiences and information between brands and participants. While you’re offering a more fulfilling experience for your attendees, you’ll also get to know what they’ve liked the most, and where they spent the most time. And this data can be used to create further tailored events based on your attendees’ interests.

Lessons learned? If you get to analyze your attendees’ data before your event starts, you’ll be able to better meet their expectations, capture their attention and keep them engaged in a more effective way during your event.

2. Invest on mobile user experience

Since the majority of people consume information via mobile device, it’s really important to optimize your content for mobile responsiveness, and also setting it up in a way that keeps the information light and easy-to-read.

In the case you’re using a mobile app during your event, push notifications can be sent to all attendees or specific participants. These can be used to remind them of sessions that are about to start, to promote event marketing activities, to send email reminders or simply to conduct customer satisfaction / net promoter score surveys in a post-event scenario. The options to promote and engage are indeed limitless due to what data was captured at the registration process.

3. Make branding a customized asset

The beamian platform can go hand-in-hand with an event’s branding goals. From the registrations forms to specific landing pages, each one can be customized according to the event organizer’s guidelines, in order to create a consistent visual experience for users. And guess what? That sense that everything has been carefully customized will contribute to keep your intended audience engaged.

4. Using a digital solution to capture leads makes events easy & safety

Event personalization calls for a shift in your lead capture and reporting solutions. And with social distancing measures being the key in containing the virus, digital interactions between exhibitors and attendees will play a leading role to the events industry resumption. And thanks to the impact of COVID-19, there’s an emerging need for contactless & paperless interaction technologies.

The beamian technology eliminates the common practice of sharing paper business cards thanks to a simple and intuitive contact-sharing system, facilitating the experience for organizers, exhibitors and attendees. By capturing relevant data, you’ll have a more targeted approach at your events and also the opportunity to offer engaging content to your attendees and, thus, memorable experiences for them. Get to know exactly how lead capture technology can work for your next event.

With the increasing trend marketers investing in events, the need to deliver streamlined and unique event experience becomes more indispensable. Scaling personalization strategies for live, virtual or hybrid events can actually accelerate your event goals & ROI, by driving revenue or establishing trade relations.

Start now organizing your event with more efficiency.

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