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Collecting business contacts is one of the main advantages of being present at a product showcasing and networking trade fair.

Big thematic trade fairs offer exhibitors an opportunity to contact thousands of visitors  who often work in the same industry and are interested in doing business. In a room full of thousands of visitors and potential customers, beamian offers participants a 100% secure way of collecting and sharing contacts in events without any loss of information.

A good example of this was the collection of almost 16,000 contacts at the Portugal Print Packaging and Labeling event through the use of the beamian solution, eliminating the need to  constantly exchange physical business cards and write down contacts on mobile phones.

During the three-day event, the thousands of visitors who passed through FIL found in their smartbadge a way to share their contacts and request more information about the companies. How? Through a simple touch of their smartbadge in each exhibitor’s beamer.

beamer for collecting contacts

sharing contacts – a simple touch of a smartbadge on a beamer

Visitors aren’t just agreeing to share their contacts with companies, they’re also creating their own Event Booklet consisting of the contacts and relevant information about the companies they selected (i.e., the exhibitors whose beamer they touched with their smartbadge).

This solution creates a calmer and safer experience during trade fairs with tens or hundreds of exhibitors, as visitors can dedicate and invest their time in networking with a greater number of professionals and potential business partners, knowing that after the event they will receive a document with the business contacts and information of the companies in which they have shown interest.

The top 10 exhibiting companies at the Portugal Print 2019 collected a total of 6013 contacts, which means an average of 600 contacts collected by each of these companies, for future follow-up and/or possible business deals.

Qualifying Leads Digitally

Exhibitors were able to – in real time – qualify the collected leads of the event through the Live Interactions beamian app. With this app, they had at their disposal a tool that allowed them to view the contacts that were being shared through their beamer, while simultaneously favoriting contacts, accessing the contact data and writing down comments.

As a technological solution, beamian favors physical contact between people. Sharing experiences, conversations and direct contact are the real agents of trust between decision makers and new businesses; but the ability to collect a large number of contacts without any losses is guaranteed by the technology. The beamian – digital you system eliminates storage errors and “save an important contact” concerns, which become differentiating factors when communicating with a key contact established during networking events.

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