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Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is already applicable to any entity that processes personal data in the European Union. There are also specific requirements, only applicable in Portugal, under Law 58/2019 (Data Protection Law).

Are your events prepared to comply with the new legislation? If not, did you know that you could incur a fine of 20 Million Euros (or 4% of your annual revenues – depending on which represents the highest value)?

Although the GDPR presents itself as a challenge, in beamian-digital you we like to see it – since 2016 – as an opportunity for all event planners. An opportunity to differentiate themselves, not only by complying with the GDPR but mainly by helping to define a new standard of trust and respect for the use of personal data.

We believe that adapting the existing business processes is fundamental, as well as incorporating good practices of data protection by all who contact with this type of sensitive information. The choice of a technological solution that allows rapid adoption of these new measures is, in our view, fundamental.

The beamian team is here to help you.

At smart.beamian, we begin with this article a series of recommendations and clarifications that aim to make available to your organization all the tools and information necessary to highlight your events, by meeting and exceeding the requirements of the legislation, and to highlight, positively, your brand within your industry.

To make this simpler, we’ve put together some articles to help you:

NOTE: The reading of the articles in this blog should be seen as complementary and does not dispense with reading the European legislation


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    Sergio Pinto

    With more than 15 years of experience in IT and telecom industry has passed the last years investigating and developing tech solutions for the events industry.