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As countries start to reopen their economies, the events industry seems to have drawn up their own lifeline. However, many governments are mostly missing in action when it comes to deliver local guidelines. So, we decided to share some clarity for a going back to work for organizers, venues, suppliers and associations who are struggling for clear information.

The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) has developed a structured framework for reopening exhibitions and B2B trade events within the response and recovery phase of the COVID-19 crisis, in line with domestic
government directions. It will also be used to gather the best-practice examples for the various event areas and types of organizations listed on it.

And this purpose relies on three specific triggers:

  • The global exhibition industry pledges to collaborate to minimize the health and safety risks for all participants of exhibitions and trade shows;
  • The UFI expect the appropriate authorities to allow exhibitions to reopen based on the assured implementation of agreed health and safety standards;
  • The reopening of exhibitions will drive economic revitalization.

This document will be available on an ongoing update basis, therefore will receive continuous amendments. Despite this, we believe that this is a relevant content for all event organizers that are rebuilding during this tough time.

The beamian team is committed to search for new revisions and to update this blog post if the shareable link is modified.

We’re also sharing our own contributions regarding the section 4. of this document, so you can get some glimpses on how to operate live events in a safe enviroronment.

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