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In its 110 year anniversary, DÃO Capital presented the city of Lisbon with the best wines of the region, to promote their high quality and elegance.

Another successful DãoWines event that included 32 wine producers, a smokehouse, a local cheese producer and a house full of visitors to enjoy the showcased delicacies.

For the first time, Dão Capital gave their visitors the smart wine glass experience, a novelty that allowed participants to mark their favorite wines simply by touching their glass to the producer’s electronic reader, thus ensuring that after the event they would receive a summary of all the wines they liked, their characteristics and the places where they could buy them.

The smart wine glass intends to eliminate the usual worries about writing down or saving information about one’s favorite wines. The visitors can enjoy a moment completely focused on the wine tasting itself and the sharing of stories, while the producers benefit from the knowledge they’ll gain regarding how each of their wines performs.

The technological development applied to wine tasting events brings to this market the value of data. Both the producer of the traditional vineyards and the modern farming producer can gain new insights from the data that can be collected in physical environments such as gastronomic events and wine tastings. This means that, with the smart wine glass, producers receive information that allows them to identify their consumer’s preferences, quantify how many times a wine was favorited, understand the consumer’s taste patterns and gain a better understanding of their audience’s interests.

This is a path that the winemaking market will certainly follow, as other event industries have, in order to keep up with the current digital transformation, while in the process becoming closer to consumers and gaining more knowledge about them. With that purpose in mind, data becomes immensely valuable, and it’s that data precisely that the smart wine glass can collect in wine tasting moments; that data can then be cross-referenced with other data sources, thus enhancing the brands’ growth and development through the quality of the obtained information.

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