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October and November saw a lot of activity when it comes to organizing employability events, both in Portugal and in Spain, giving students and recent graduates thousands of employment opportunities. After helping with the international experiences of FINDE.U Porto and FINDE.U Vigo, and its usual presence in FEUP Career Fair, beamian had the honor to make its debut in GrowUp – a job fair organized by IPCA, in Barcelos – and to return to Starpoint, the Employability & Entrepreneurship event organized by University of Minho.

Last week it was time to head off to Santiago de Compostela to be at TALENTIA 2018!

Simple and yet dynamic, beamian’s presence was well received by the event attendees who, by registering their CVs, maximized their time and focus on the interactions with the recruiters, investing it in explaining their skills and sharing their experiences.

This resulted in more than 3000 successful interactions without the need for paper CVs – registering on the platform was all it took! After the event, recruiters received the student data in an organized way, without worrying about losing any CVs along the way or having the need to scan them later. A great way to optimize CV capture in Job & Career Fairs.

TALENTIA 2018 was a noteworthy event that offered a number of activities to develop the visitors’ skills and support entry or re-entry into professional life. There were individual and group interviews conducted by several of the companies, and there were also open workshops designed especially to stimulate the talent of the candidates.

Once again, beamian went above and beyond to make it as easy as possible to search for a better future, giving students and companies one of the most important things we have: time to interact with each other. And showing new ways digital technology can help these kind of events.

If you want to know more about beamian or if you have any questions, please contact us!