Ready to upgrade your music festival?

Use beamian’s custom wristbands to reduce waiting times, manage access control, mitigate counterfeit, increase the security and consumption levels.

Meet our RFID Technology

Customizable contactless wristbands

Make your festivalgoers exchange tickets for wristbands that are ideal for high-traffic and multi-day events. Smart wristbands also benefit from contactless technology and don’t require printing materials.

Eco-friendly wristbands

Going green has never been easier. While meeting the exact same needs as non-ecological options, eco wristbands also make sustainability a priority.

Where there’s a chip, there’s greater speed and security. They are also more difficult to lose or pass on to someone else.

We secure hardware for compatibility assurance

We provide you with reliable mobile devices so your staff can quickly scan QR codes at your event entrance checkpoints.

Make no room for setbacks and experience the convenience of using our software and hardware simultaneously.


Pack 1 - Starting at 0.62€ per visitor

  • 5000 contactless wristbands
  • 10 entrance portable readers
  • Access control configuration

Pack 2 - Starting at 0.45€ per visitor

  • 10000 contactless wristbands
  • 20 entrance portable readers
  • Access control configuration

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Take advantage of our event management software

Improve your festivalgoers experience by making your entrance checkpoints processes faster, more efficient and secure.

- Faster and more efficient check-in
- Real-time attendance tracking
- Enhanced security and access control
- Data accuracy and analytics
- Enhanced attendee experience

Ticket Management

Sell your tickets with an easy-to-use ticketing software that your music enthuasiasts will love.

Import your own list of tickets sold on a third-party software to monitore attendance.

All-in-one solution designed to elevate your music festival experience.

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