RSVP forms allows you to import of a list of visitors where they only have to verify their information to confirm their presence in the event. A guest registration form skips the payment process so that you can invite your guest list and still receive their information. These are two solutions to streamline event registrations.

  1. RSVP form (Répondez s’il vous plaît)

Allow your guests to confirm their attendance and edit their pre-filled information up to a certain date. Ensure accurate planning of your event by efficiently managing seating, catering and logistics based on confirmed attendees, guaranteeing all the resources needed to offer a memorable experience.

  1. Visitor receives an email which grants him access through a button to the beamian platform, in which he can confirm/edit their information;
  1. Participant is pre-registered until it confirms their information (yellow);

  1. Participant move from pre-registered to confirmed status after confirming their information (green).

  • Streamline the guest registration process;
  • Easy monitoring of guests’ responses;
  • Efficient allocation of resources according to confirmed attendance.

Learn more on How to Create an RSVP Form (Répondez S’il Vous Plaît)

2. Guest form

Are you organising an event that requires payments but you want to share a free registration form for a guest list? With our guest form, you can share a link that directs the visitors to a form in which they skip the purchase steps, moving on to filling in the information that identifies the participant.

  • Dedicated guest form;
  • Skip the payment stage since the participant is a guest.

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