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beamian - digital you

A technological revolution has been sweeping through the meetings and events industry and, in the past three years, beamian – digital you has been instrumental in bringing that revolution closer to a wide variety of events, both national and international.

The organization of University job fairs, booming throughout the country and bringing companies and students closer together in an informal environment, has been greatly improved and expedited with the help of the beamian system. This is the case with the FEUP Career Fair, Porto’s Faculty of Engineering’s job fair, which has been working with beamian since 2016.

Already established as one of the top Engineering job fairs in the country, the FEUP Career Fair registered over 2500 interactions in its first edition using the beamian system, with more than 800 registered students/alumni and 50 companies offering 1500 job or internship opportunities!

Offering such advantages as online pre-registrations, electronic check-ins and the use of student cards as resumes, beamian has set off to eliminate some of the most common inconveniences associated with job and career events, such as the long waiting lines to get in, the waste of paper caused by the distribution of physical resumes and the recruiters’ need to carry them around and organize them later. We can say that paper CV’s are a thing of the past.

The organizer also benefits from the platform, by having access to all the statistics of the event and creating a bridge between companies and candidates that favors and improves their interaction.

The students can pre register online at home and upload their CV. Then, at the event, a quick check-in associates the students’ email and information with a smartbadge (the visitor’s electronic identifier), be it their student card or a beamian card . The beamian events platform then enables the visitors to leave their contacts and resume at any recruiter by simply touching a beamer (the company’s electronic identifier) with their smartbadge.

Faster Event Check-in, More Efficient Data Organization

This results in faster check-ins, an increase in the number of sent out resumes and an all-around easier recruitment and selection process for the companies (and, of course, less wasted paper).

The platform aims to benefit everyone involved in the event and make it an easier, more enjoyable experience for all: from the organizer, to the companies, to the students! One of the candidates at the FEUP Career Fair referred to it as

“an excellent initiative that places us at the center of the event. We have direct contact with all the recruiters that we might be interested in and the certainty that we will always have a resume on hand for that last interview that can land us our dream job.”

And that is, indeed, the heart of beamian: to make sure that everyone is getting the most out of the event, by using technologies that favor interaction between all those involved.

If you want to know more about beamian or if you have any questions, please contact us!