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While we’ve been reflecting on how the events industry is shifting as the world deals with the global pandemic, we’ve figured out that it’s time to make adversity the trigger towards innovation. We realized that the world must turn to technology to adapt. The fact is that technology has become more powerful than ever, reaching a deep understanding of people, their experiences and their security. So, a great idea came up to the beamian team and we initiate our journey towards agility.

What if we create a space occupancy tool that allows to count how many people go in and out of spaces and events?


The purpose made itself, because there is a clear need for this out there, specially for public spaces. Even with government and public health restrictions soften and economic rescue plans raising up as far as possible, the social distancing measures are far from over yet. And businesses will need more than a reopening guide to fulfill the necessary rules. They’ll often need technology.

We’re aware that restarting the economy can only take place safely with strict occupational health and safety measures, alongside more general public health measures aimed at reducing the spread of Covid-19. And the HeadCounter, as an occupancy counter tool, will help meeting some of those measures by allowing to count people in any spaces or events, without tracking specific individuals.

The best part is that it’s free to use, it works in real time and it’s available for everyone. Event organizers can have it as a native functionality on the beamian platform, while everyone else is able to use it right from their electronic devices. Recent browsers will also make available the option to install the HeadCounter app directly.

And because the sky is the limit, we’re already working on a further version that will rely on a synchronous and online counter.

Any doubt or suggestion? Talk to us!