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1. What is an event check-in software?

Electronic check-in for some, event check-in software for others. Some people also use terms like “contactless event check-in”, “mobile event check-in app” or simply “event check-in app”. All to find an easier, digital way to validate attendee entries at events. Usually, we talk first about speeding up the event registration process – done through online forms – and then about the event ticket validation at the (long-awaited) moment the participants arrive.

As this initial process is synonymous with attendees’ very first interaction with the event, it’s crucial for event planners to ensure its speed and effectiveness. All for the sake of a single goal – improving attendee experience and engagement.

There’s also a very useful duality associated with this type of digital solution for events – which not only streamlines event check-in, but also safeguards security and capacity control issues by monitoring the number of visitors in real time versus the maximum capacity of the venue.

2. Benefits of beamian electronic check-in solution

  • Significant savings in time and resources – since the whole event check-in process is done 100% digitally, without paper and manual procedures;
  • Access to a digital database – after guests fill out the online registration forms, it’s possible to efficiently analyze and segment visitors’ data without any loss of information or human mistakes;
  • Access to attendee data and preferences – it’s possible, and in full compliance with the RGPD, to use attendee data to offer more personalized experiences during and/or after the event (examples: consumption management, communication by sending notifications via event apps or through follow-up actions via e-mail);
  • Real-time access control – keep track of how many people go in and out of the event, specific sessions or VIP areas;
  • Capacity control alerts – receive instant notifications whenever the capacity of the event or of a certain perimeter reaches its maximum capacity;
  • Use of contactless technology – offer hassle-free event experiences by scanning QR Codes or smart badges that individually identify each attendee;
  • Event data – measure the success of your event by analyzing valuable insights (examples: attendance rate, most visited sessions, most popular exhibitors, etc).

3. What do events gain from electronic check-ins?

One of the most promising ways for the events industry to contribute to global sustainability is to reduce or eliminate paper consumption – after all, sustainable events have contactless and paperless interactions. So we’re also talking about an environmentally friendly solution that’s capable of reducing the time it takes to validate guest entries. As a result, the overall event experience becomes smoother than with the use of paper. The truth is that with the growing trends of digital transformation and event technology, manual counting on endless sheets of paper is no longer an attractive process and becomes very amateurish.

Moreover, the accelerating implementation of vaccines is driving many event professionals to renew expectations in their reboot – which, right from the start, involves exploring the global reach of hybrid events – towards the digitalization of processes and interactions.

4. Event security tips and best practices for capacity management

The first impression counts, and a lot! It’s important to understand that an attendee’s first opinion about an event is the idea that will remain from the first interaction that, not by chance, happens during the check-in process. It’s that first contact that will overcome (or not) the positive expectation of each participant, leading to a perception that, either is soon valued and meets what we consider acceptable, or not. Therefore, don’t make the mistake of regarding your event check-in as a mere logistical process. Instead, start offering memorable event experiences right from the start – through the best event technology solutions.

On the other hand, the right event check-in software will not only contribute to generate a good first impression about your event, but will also be a key tool for capacity control purposes. Take advantage of this dualism!

Find out some resourceful tips that can help streamline your event check-in process and implement an easy-to-use capacity control tool in this quick guide for event check-in and occupancy control.

Talk to us! We’ll help you create a smooth event check-in experience, while ensuring occupancy control for your event.