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With the pandemic sending the world into lockdown again, it’s crucial to find and make use of the best tools to host profitable and engaging virtual events. If you’re looking to host your next online event, consider investing in video tools that can deliver both a high-quality audio and a seamless visual experience. When you can’t meet in-person, you can have a comprehensive event management platform to tackle the virtual world and encourage networking all the same.

What is a virtual event platform?

A virtual event platform is nothing less than a software that will allow you to recreate the vibe of face-to-face meetings over a virtual environment. Just like the best-known video communications platforms and live streaming services, a virtual platform should allow to host multiple exhibitors, multiple attendees and multiple sessions, both live-streamed and pre-recorded. Plus, be sure it also provides interactive event tools to increase engagement between sponsors, exhibitors and attendees.

The most important thing to retain is that a virtual event platform is far from having the same purpose as a virtual meeting software like Zoom, Google Meets or Microsoft Teams. That’s because virtual event platforms are specifically designed to ensure the dynamics of an event flow. Not just to merely host virtual team meetings, which happen mostly in corporate environments. Moreover, these collaboration platforms generally feature limited permissions and features as well (meaning that they’ll probably be paid from a certain point onwards).

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What should you be able to do with a virtual event platform?

  • Create privates areas for attendees, exhibitors and organizers

Provide an intuitive navigation and a meaningful user experience within your virtual platform, at the different access levels.

  • Showcase exhibitors and sponsors through virtual halls

Get creative when presenting exhibitors, speakers or invited guests. Draw the very first impression of attendees with attractive halls and make it possible to highlight premium sponsors.

  • Enable exciting interactive exhibition stands

Grant dynamic ways for your sponsors and exhibitors to connect with attendees and gain additional exposure within their virtual booths.

  • Offer a straightforward Q&A system 

Foster more networking opportunities among your attendees with a virtual event platform purpose-built for interaction and use tools to keep your attendees engaged.

  • Provide a chat tool for networking

Give priority to a virtual event platform that enables attendees to talk with each other, as well as speakers and exhibitors. 

  • Host breakout sessions

You’ll probably need to host breakouts and training sessions, just like workshops or webinars, so make sure your virtual event platform enhances interactivity with real-time screen sharing and attendee engagement tools.

  • Audience polls

In fact, asking questions via a digital pool is another great way to keep your audience with you before, during or even after your online event. 

  • Live streaming

The best virtual event platform will allow you to integrate your own video conferencing platform, but also to natively live stream any session. Build the ultimate excitement for opening sessions with the beamian live streaming service for unlimited audiences.

  • Engaging content

Content, especially interactive content, is king and it needs to be appealing. So, stand up for a virtual platform that offers flexible content delivery options.

What to consider when choosing the best video tools for your virtual event?

We’re just about to answer the crunch question of this article, and it may be simpler than you might think. When it comes to a virtual viewing experience, you just need to face your biggest challenge – your attendees expectations. Today’s audiences have a keen eye and anything that looks overly amateurish, blurry or improvised is probably going to turn them off. So, just make sure that doesn’t happen.

Whether your virtual event is fully live-streamed, or a mix of live and recorded video, video will always play a major role in the success or failure of virtual events. That’s because the use of live or pre recorded video can increasingly improve your audience engagement and the overall attendee experience

Adding a great video tool for virtual events to your belt can help you overcome a number of stumbling blocks that video production is faced with. Say no to undesirable pop-up experiences and hassle external links. And say yes to a sustainable solution that natively integrates live-stream video and supports unlimited types of sessions, meetings, exhibitors and attendees.

Talk to us! We’ll show you how to host a virtual event with professional quality video production.