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It may seem quite challenging to organise a successful event if we take into account all the variables that are part of its setup. However, event management software has the power to aggregate every feature in one place and therefore makes life easier for event organisers.

Here’s a list of 6 benefits that event management software offers you for your next event:

1. All-in-one event management software

It’ll offer you many ways to delight your attendees but also your event management team and exhibitors. From importing attendees’ databases, sending bulk invitation emails, or customized event page branding, you’ll have every tool to boost your event participation rate.  Grant your team access to track key performance indicators in real-time and adjust your event accordingly. Perform every single task in one place without having to opt for multiple different solutions.

2. Time-saving

Event management software saves you time by having all of your tasks centralized in a single platform. This saves time for the event organizer, the team of professionals involved, and even attendees or exhibitors, making the whole experience more enjoyable.

Also, if you want to focus more on the attendee experience, and less on the technical details, don’t forget your event should have onsite hardware support. That’s the only way your on-site event technology becomes one less thing to worry about.

3. Event automation

Event planners have a lot to think about to organize remarkable events. It usually takes an entire team of professionals to do the job. When you can automate tasks that are necessary but in reality don’t differentiate yourself from the competition, you’ll have the possibility to focus on what really matters, by releasing your team into more creative tasks so you can highlight your uniqueness.

4. Increase engagement rate at events

The right event management software includes all the tools to engage with your audience. Before the event, you can send registration confirmation emails or more details about the event sessions to keep your attendees excited.

At in-person events, you can use contactless technology with real-time data input to boost interactions and analyze your performance in the event management software. At a virtual event or hybrid event, you can ask for feedback via live chat tools or even use a virtual product showcasing feature that attendees can interact with.

5. Access to valuable real-time data

When choosing an event management platform, you should make sure that valuable data about the event can be backed up and displayed in dashboards in a user-friendly way. Real-time data enables real-time action. Gather conclusions throughout the life-cycle of your event and make strategic decisions in every phase to reach your desired goals.

6. Personalized reports for continuous improvement

When the event is over, you can access personalized reports with lots of valuable information. This can be useful to follow up with a potential lead, understanding which sessions had the most engagement, or even which products have the most potential based on interactions by the audience.

An event management software with the right features will allow you to organise memorable events and facilitate the job that needs to be done. It’ll give you the ability to perform all actions in one place, making it more efficient, and you’ll also have access to all the information that you need so you can continue to improve your events.

Talk to us! We’ll show you how to blend virtual and on-site experiences within one single event management platform.