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With a clear vision – connecting worlds -, beamian has just launched the live interactions app, fully dedicated to collecting and managing participant interactions during networking, professional, corporate, employability or gastronomy events, among others.

How does the beamian solution work?

The beamian solution is based on the identification of all participants. Companies/brands are identified through fixed devices – beamers – and visitors are identified through smartbadges provided with technology capable of individually identifying them.

Whenever participants want to leave their contact information to a certain company, they just have to touch the company’s beamer with their smartbadge.

beamer and smartbadge (business card)

How does the live interactions app add value to the lead collecting process?

Exchanging business cards is replaced by the possibility of attendees leaving companies their information with a simple touch of their smartbadges on the beamers, which in turn activates the migration of the participants’ contacts to an interface available in real time – the live interactions app.

With the live interactions app, companies and brands have a tool that allows them to view in real time the contacts they made, access that contact’s data and mark it for future follow-up, take notes and receive business contacts in an organized way.
This app gives exhibitors and brands a way to check and select contacts during events, which are usually great moments for networking and collecting important business leads.

The app allows recruiters to have real-time access to candidates’ names and contacts, bookmark their favorite candidates and add any relevant comments, which will likely be important to remember in their next phase of candidate selection.

The benefits of the app apply to all kinds of events, such as job fairs, for example. A recruiting company that uses the beamian service, in addition to digitally collecting all applications and avoiding having to carry around reams of CVs, is now able to increase the effectiveness of their candidate selection process.

And because one good news just isn’t enough, beamian introduces yet another event organizing solution: custom landing pages.

The landing page is built based on the provided information about the event and according to the needs of each event, in order to aggregate in one place all the information the participants might need while also integrating the online registration in the event.

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Digital transformation is not leaving the world of events, which are increasingly becoming a hybrid stage between physical experiences and digital capabilities. This integration not only enhances the participant’s experience but also gives the organizer the benefits of digital processes right there on the physical venue. Every event, regardless of size, can be extraordinary and innovative – that’s what beamian believes!

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