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What are phygital events

Phygital is a term that could remind us of a hybrid event model, because it designates half-physical, half-digital events. In other words, we can talk of blended remote/in-person events if we assume there’ll be in-room and virtual attendees to manage. However, don’t be surprised, a phygital event can exclusively assume a live scenario if it makes use of digital tools to record event interactions. 

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How technology is revitalizing the events industry

As the events industry continues to evolve and expand post-pandemic, organizers, sponsors and exhibitors are getting more and more aware of how technology will shape events and how they can profit from a phygital event, driving real growth. 


Money-making phygital event flow.

Transforming interactions into pipeline and revenue is no longer a remote possibility in the phygital events landscape, but an opportunity increasingly leveraged by 5G capabilities. When it comes to improving interactivity for exhibits, tracking attendees touch points can be a great way to harness the power of the 5th generation mobile network. Likewise, audience experience and venue management are also areas that can be greatly facilitated by 5G-enabled solutions. 

Did you know that beamian has joined a live events acceleration program that aims to apply 5G technology for business growth and innovation?

Delivering a full emotional digital experience 

It may seem a piece of cake, but only those who reach their participants emotionally can generate engaging experiences. That’s why designing meetings and anticipating experiences for all attendees is one of the latest event hosting rules. 

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This new era demands for stronger communication skills, multi-channel infrastructures, and a digitized content strategy that must be channel-oriented depending on where the product is going to be consumed. It’s not by chance that the demand for digital tools and tactics to engage virtual attendees has been a major challenge for event planners. 

Yes. The events industry is reinventing the target, the means and the ends – all to offer meaningful digital worlds of experience. 

Fitting technology with the planner’s needs

When you’re looking for the right event tech provider, the top event management software features or the best live video streaming for events – stop and step back. Rethink your pains, your goals, and your challenges. Then seek customized advice on the objectives, supply of the proper technical equipment, and, if necessary, a software architecture precisely tailored to your phygital event needs.

Event technology exists to serve the goals of phygital events, but not to be their centerpiece. What’s the point of having live streaming quality as a main concern for reaching wider audiences if we still don’t get there? Don’t make the mistake of diving right into planning without even considering your event goals and objectives. Only with a clean-cut smart goal – for example to achieve 10% more business opportunities than the previous year – can you figure out your event need new lead capture tactics.

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