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Is a hybrid event the right solution for you?

It’s not only for looks that planners and exhibitors strive to deliver outstanding event experiences to their audiences. When all is said and done, it’s about meeting business targets and goals. If you match your objectives with the key benefits of going hybrid, then you have your answer.

Think simple. If you think a wider audience reach and multi-channel engagement points will help scale your business, or if you believe you’ll get better sponsorship opportunities with increased accessibility and flexibility – why not switch the chip and make your event hybrid?

Whether or not you decide hybrid is a way forward for your business, we suggest you take a look at these industry favorite tools to create a memorable virtual or hybrid event.

Communicate your event options to attendees

When exploring the global reach of hybrid events, it’s essential to make sure your in-person and remote attendees understand their options so they know what to expect from either live or virtual experiences. Put it clearly on your event page the two-way they can attend your event, or go further and encourage them to benefit from both at the same time. Additionally, make sure you’re capturing how attendees prefer to participate in your event through the registration form.

Offer content on demand and shared experiences

One of the top tips to make successful hybrid events is to communicate based on a digital content strategy that encompasses both audiences’ needs. Remote communication and cross-channel interactivity will directly impact your hybrid event experience. Content is no longer displayed or merely shared on-site, but takes on a form that is easier to record, download, transfer and consume – that’s why the future of events is phygital

So yes, event technology is really important if you want to be successful in producing and delivering content to all your audiences. Happily, the majority of hybrid event platforms allow attendees to easily find and experience live and on-demand content. 

Provide simple and clear networking & collaborative options

A two-way communication is essential for your hybrid event to run smoothly, no matter when or where your content is. When you host a hybrid event, you’re bridging an in-person and a virtual event together and thus connecting people miles apart. The big challenge lies in controlling the flow of your event for attendees, but also for panelists, exhibitors and sponsors – and these players must also have their own meeting controls.

Offer the right technologies and tools for meetings and interactions

Because successful meetings are made of engaged, connected people and hybrid events have a particular focus on event live streaming, it’s best to be equipped with the right digital tools and tactics to engage virtual attendees. Of course, you can (and should) also facilitate on-site activities by encouraging live interactions and enhancing relationships for your exhibitors through these contactless solutions for in-person events.

Contactless event interaction.

At the end of the day, creating impactful hybrid events (just like any event) is about creating new revenue streams and extending event relationships. All supported by technology.

Considering going hybrid? Talk to us and get a demo of our all-in-one event platform before taking the plunge.