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beamian once again transformed the experience of wine tasters and producers this past weekend, during the annual event “Vinhos do Alentejo em Lisboa” (Alentejo Wines in Lisbon).

This event’s tenth edition took place in the Cultural Centre of Belém, where around 700 wines from the Alentejo region were presented and 75 wine producers and connoisseurs were present, creating a weekend fully dedicated to promoting the region’s wines.

The experience of tasting a wine and registering it electronically as a “favorite” during wine tastings was one of this edition’s novelties. The event used the beamian – digital you system for the first time, which allowed visitors to use a wine glass incorporated with a sensor capable of digitally storing a list of the visitor’s favorite wines. This list was later sent by email to each visitor with their respective wine preferences.

Both the producers and the visitors we spoke to were enthusiastic about the benefits of beamian and how easy it was to ensure the record of a favorite wine, just by touching their wine glass on the producer’s beamer.

Visitors were curious about the new electronic wine glass solution and pleased with the possibility of saving their preferences during the course of the event and receiving that information later, without having to rely on a notepad or photographs.

Some wine producers explained that, in their perspective, this service is very effective for them because visitors sometimes hesitate to take pictures of bottle labels or they just don’t write down the names of the wines they liked, making it harder to remember those wines later when they want to purchase them.

For the producers, the beamian solution proved to be an advantageous strategy, one that most of them hadn’t seen before, not even in international fairs. Above all, it increased their proximity to the consumers, since it was guaranteed that the information and the list of favorited wines would be delivered to the visitors later.

This was, therefore, a successful debut at the Vinhos do Alentejo em Lisboa, an event that brings the best Alentejo wines to the city of Lisbon and which undoubtedly stands out for the innovation presented to its participants. In addition to this, social responsibility was also a main concern of the event’s organizers, with a percentage of the sales revenue to be reverted to the association Plantar Uma Árvore (“To Plant a Tree”), which is intended to contribute to “helping to reforest Portugal”.

If you want to know more about beamian or if you have any questions, please contact us!