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A new job fair experience

beamian is the Portuguese brand leader in contactless solutions for job fairs, enhancing the relationship between recruiters and candidates.


beamian has been present in three consecutive editions of the FINDE.U job fairs, organized by the University of Porto, UTAD and the University of Vigo. In the 2018 edition of FINDE.U Vigo, more than 60 companies were present during those two days, offering hundreds of job opportunities for more than 650 young people.

Over 5000 successful interactions without having to print out CVs! This was the number of applications made and digitized by the beamian solution.

job fairs powered by beamian

The process could not be simpler: students pre-register online and upload their CV and Linkedin profile; on the day of the event, they only need to do a quick check-in to associate their registration email with their student card.

During the fair, all they have to do is touch the companies’ beamers (electronic identifiers) with their student card to leave their contacts and CV. Both students and recruiters are free from the inconvenience of having to carry around paper CVs and can focus on what matters most: the interaction between them.


This year we have an electronic device. The students and alumni can register online and then to submit their CV it is sufficient to pass the student's card on the electronic device in the company stand (they do not need to have their paper CV), and the company will be able to quantify how many students have been in their stand. At the end of the event companies receive all the résumés. in Economics.TV

Nádia Leitão2016 "IBS Career Forum" Organization

(...) students can access the Feup Junior Consulting website and through a simple registration with the CV upload they can arrive here, at the check-in area, and they make the match between their student card and their résumé. Then students arrive at the companies' stands and just by touching their student card in the sensor, the company has automatically the student's data simplifying all the approach between companies and students. in RTP 3

André Macedo

An excellent initiative that places us at the center of the event. We have direct contact with all the recruiters that we might be interested in and the certainty that we will always have a resume on hand for that last interview that can land us our dream job.

CandidateIn 2017 FEP Career Fair
Digital résumés

Everything ready before the show begin!

The candidates and companies register online at the event by filling out the registration form, and in the case of candidates, they can upload the résumé and the Linkedin profile. The candidate's data is associated to the smartbadge (eg: student card or other object identifier) at the check-in area to make it easier to deliver the digital résumé during the fair.

Smartbadges and beamers

More time for candidates and companies

beamian offers more time for personal presentations and to sharing experiences. The focus is on students' careers and on the young talent capture for businesses.

Smartbadges and beamers

More time for candidates and companies

beamian offers more time for personal presentations and to sharing experiences. The focus is on students' careers and on the young talent capture for businesses.

App Live Interactions

Simplify the recruitment process

With the Live Interactions app, the recruiters have in their hands a tool that allows real-time control and management of the applications, accessing candidate data, taking notes on candidates and receiving the applications in an organized way. Thus, the recruiters and companies can invest their focus and time on interacting with candidates.

Three simple, fast and efficient steps


01. Online registration and CV upload

Candidates register online for the job fair event, submit their data and upload their CV and Linkedin profile.


02.Digital application

Candidates can leave their résumé at any recruiter by simply touching a beamer with their student card.


03.Summary of all applications

Candidates receive the information and contacts of the companies to which they have applied.


01.Online registration

Companies register online for the event by filling out an online form with their company data.


02.Marking favorites

Companies are able to know in real-time the established applications, accessing candidate data and taking notes on candidates.


03.All digital applications organized

Companies receive all the digital résumés in an organized way as well as the notes on the candidates.


01. Creating an online event

Organizers can manage their job fair from the beamian platform by creating an online event and the registration form to candidates and companies.


02.Centralized information service

All data in your hands in just one place – beamian platform. It allows the organizers to know all important data about job fair (access control, number of participants, number of interactions, etc).


03. Event results

The organizer gets a deeper understanding of what happened during the event through the final data on the event, which could generate valuable insights for future fairs.

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