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The Beato Creative Hub in Lisbon hosted the Lisbon Investment Summit for the first time on June 6 and 7

In an alternative venue that was favorable for informal networking and meeting more than 200 investors, 750 start-ups and 400 corporate boards.

This year’s edition integrated the beamian – digital you system for the first time, bringing digital transformation to the different processes of the event. The beamian system, the event’s technological partner, streamlined the accreditation phase, the check-in and the participants’ consumptions through a single platform.

The Lisbon Investment Summit is organized by Beta-i in partnership with the Lisbon City Council, and this year, in its fifth edition, it were discussed some of the current challenges of the start-up ecosystem, and about the investment in this market.

In this universe, the LIS aims to be the European stage for the ecosystem of start-ups, ideas, networking, and that provides investment.


Accreditation was held at the entrance zone, where all the previously registered visitors received a smartbadge, that is, a unique electronic identifier associated with their basic information. This means that the first moment of the event identifies each visitor electronically.

Any participant not registered in the event could also do their registration at the entrance, giving their name, email and company, thus automatically creating a new visitor and identifying them in the same way, through a smartbadge.

From the organizer’s point of view, the digital identification of all the participants allows a better management by monitoring the number of entrances and exits, the consumptions made within the enclosure, which in turn gives the organizer a complete and comprehensive view of the different processes throughout the event.

Check-in and check-out

At the check-in zone, participants registered their entry into the event. A quick and easy check-in avoids long queues and gives the visitor a more enjoyable experience without waiting. For this to be possible, it was only necessary to read (or scan) the smartbadge of each visitor with a tablet, confirming their entry, and voilà! A successful entry and an entire event to discover!

That way, from this moment, all participants, visitors, speakers, staff and any other person are inside the event and properly identified.

On the way out, the same process is performed and the participant’s exit of the venue is registered, allowing the organizer to know the exact number of attendances.


The participants’ consumptions were made through the conversion of money into products in the payment zone. How does this happen? Participants pay for a certain number of items (e.g. drinks) that are, once again, associated to their smartbadge. Later they can use it in the bars, by just having a tablet read their smartbadge and see the items they paid for.

Everything is simpler and more agile for a better experience. This is the goal of linking digital transformation to traditional processes, achieving an effective and real-time management of all processes throughout the event.

In this sense, beamian’s mission is precisely to help increase the effectiveness of event management from start to finish by integrating all data into one platform and delivering accessible tools to all event planners.

Lisbon Investment Summit 2018

If you want to know more about beamian or if you have any questions, please contact us!