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Digital Tools & Hybrid Solutions for Music Festivals

Event technology makes live & hybrid music festivals all about authentic experiences. Stay connected!

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In-person & hybrid event features

Meet music festivals hybridization, the trend that just won’t stop trending

Use ID technology for music festivals through an event management platform and collect event interactions in a digital way

Wearable smart wristbands will help increase consumption levels, facilitate event data capture and promote higher engagement rates with brands & sponsors
Ensure your festival security through contactless & paperless interactions
Increase your event ROI with an anti-counterfeiting solution, also enabled through the smart wristbands

Custom Wristbands for

The beamian solution digitalized processes & interactions for music festivals by delivering a managed service with either on-site and off-site support, and it can be adapted to in-person or hybrid settings.

See how everyone wins.


Festival-goers can register and buy tickets online and quickly check in at the festival.


beamian wristbands not only prevent attendees from losing their tickets, but also facilitate a cashless environment for buying food and drinks without waiting lines.


Brands register online for the festival by filling out their own forms.


The beamer (the brand’s electronic identifier) provides an effective lead capture solution that saves valuable interactions between festival-goers and brands.


Technology can amplify brand awareness and engagement with the festival-goers, by creating a memorable and interactive experience.


Organizers can manage the festival from the beamian platform by creating an online event and all the ticketing and registration process. They can also benefit from an anti-counterfeiting solution and prevent fraud for the beginning.


During the festival, organizers can benefit from an identification technology, control access and VIP areas, manage consumption and also coordinate their staff.


Through data collection and analysis, the organizer gains a deeper understanding of what happened during the festival and is then able to make better decisions for future editions.

Get to know how hybrid festivals can help you amplify your brand presence to new audiences, and increase online buzz with one-of-a-kind experiences. Or simply learn how to digitize your live interactions for a memorable festival experience.

Case Study

Vodafone Paredes de Coura

  • Find out how Vodafone Paredes de Coura ensured an easy SMS ticketing system
  • Learn more about access control & credit card payments validation for music festivals
  • Get to know how Vodafone’s full festival ticket sold out in just a few hours
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