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Free Check-In App

Millions of events take place every day. For all of them it is necessary to manage guests and validate entries.

With the aim of providing a simple solution that allows any event organiser to send invitations and validate entries, beamian has developed the “Event Check-In App”. A simplified version that aims to make life easier for event organisers all over the world.

This free version allows you to:

1. Import a list of attendees

2. Send QR codes to attendees

3. Scan QR codes to check-in guests

Check-in app powered by beamian

Want to do it on your own?

  • Get started with a free guest management mobile app
  • Bulk uploaded guests or register them manually, one by one
  • Walk-in guests by scanning QR codes with your own camera
  • Leave aside fancy scanners and other check-in hardware
  • Do it all autonomously, without the need for in-person support

Frequently asked questions

How to create an account?

How do i create an event?

How do i import my visitors list?

How do i check-in my visitors?

How do i check-out my visitors?

In the list of visitors, tap on a visitor to access their profile. Below, tap on check-out.

What other features does beamian have?

If you are looking for other premium features such as: event hardware, smart badges, event app or dedicated support for your event click on the button.

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