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How_to_collect_feedback_from_virtual_event_participantsEventsTools for EventsVirtual Events

How to collect feedback from virtual event participants

Collecting feedback from virtual event participants is as important as feedback for any business. Customer (or visitor) feedback is what makes a business grow. If…
Hybrid_Event_Platform_5_Features_You_Absolutely_NeedEvent TechEventsHybrid Events

Hybrid Events Platform – 5 Features You Absolutely Need

We've come to the conclusion that pre-pandemic events no longer completely meet the needs of your attendees and the goals your company has set out…
Why_Facility_Management_Matters_in_Event_PlanningEventsFacility managementTools for Events

Why facility management matters in event planning

When you think about event planning, facility management is not the first thing that comes to mind. We don’t blame you. There are always a…