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5PRING Live Events Accelerator

Lisbon, 2022

beamian selected for one of the best acceleration programs in the industry

The platform’s most requested feature, which allows to digitize interactions at face-to-face events, leads beamian to one of the best acceleration programs in the events industry – the 5PRING Live Events Accelerator.

5PRING is a UK innovation platform that aims to apply 5G technology for business growth and innovation. The open regime of the platform allows all kinds of business organizations, such as startups, technology providers and even industry experts to benefit or help benefit from how we can live and do business by leveraging 5G capabilities.

The goal is clear – to help organizations of all sizes make the most of the fifth generation of wireless communication technologies and standards.

In practice, the UK-based platform acts as a bridge between technology disruptors and businesses, with the purpose of generating shared business opportunities leveraged by 5G.

About Live Events Accelerator

The Live Events Accelerator program has the singular goal of supporting companies that want to use 5G technology to develop innovations in the events industry. Like beamian, successful applicants will have access to cutting-edge technology and private 5G networks, a tailored accelerator curriculum, coaching, mentoring and expertise provided throughout the program by experts from O2, Deloitte, Wayra, West Midlands 5G and Digital Catapult.

Partnerships: The O2 (operated by AEG Worldwide) , NEC Group, Coventry Transport Museum, Herbert Museum, KOKO, Indigo Events and Nachural.

5PRING also offers four more acceleration programs (Transport, Manufacturing, Smart Cities and Construction) as well as several project incubation offers.