Tell us what kind of event you have

beamian offers solutions for five different types of events

Job & Career Fairs

The beamian solution transforms the traditional job fair through the digital approach

Our system accelerates and simplifies the recruitment process by allowing instant applications with only the student card and it delivers all digital applications to the companies in an organized way.

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Wine & Food Events

The Wine & Fodd Edition allows the taster to get a completely innovative experience in this type of event

The memory of all preferences during a wine tasting or a gastronomic event is now replaced by a digital data storage. What does this mean? With an identifier object (for example, a smart wine glass) all participants are able to record their favourites wines or dishes which are then sent as a personal list by email.

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Music Festivals

A new experience for festival-goers and a new management platform for organizers

A new way of identifying all the festival-goers, staff, musicians, and all attendees present, through identification technology, for example, in the form of a wristband. The goal is to simplify processes such as the check-in, consumptions, attendance control in different areas, etc.

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Fairs & Venues

beamian digitalizes all processes and interactions throughout the event, making it easy to capture leads

The main value in trade fairs and professional exhibitions is represented by all the interactions between participants  and companies. The beamian system allows you to record all the interactions between them during the event through a  smartbadge, which replaces the business cards, allowing the exchange of contacts and the capture of leads.

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Corporate & Brand Events

a new and optimized way to manage your corporate events

Create an event from start to finish  through an integrated online platform that allows you to manage different processes in real time, from online registration, check-in, sessions or workshops, to controlling accesses and attendances in different spaces.

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